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Needy with Mara Glatzel

Mara Glatzel, MSW is an intuitive coach, writer, and podcast host who helps perfectionists and people pleasers redefine their self-care and reclaim their sovereignty. Her superpower is saying what you […]

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The Kick-Ass Stepmom Podcast with Jamie Scrimgeour

In this episode, Jamie chats with Bethany Webster, author of Discovering the Inner Mother, all about the Mother Wound. After hearing Bethany speak on another podcast, Jamie was forever changed. […]

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The Power + Presence + Position Podcast with Eleanor Beaton

I’m so delighted to be this week’s guest on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast with my former business coach, Eleanor Beaton. You do NOT want to miss this […]

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Over It & On With It with Christine Hassler

Don’t miss this episode with Bethany Webster where we discuss a wound we ALL have: the Mother Wound. Through blending research on intergenerational trauma, feminist theory, and psychology with her […]

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The Motherkind Podcast with Zoe Blaskey

You might be thinking what is the Mother Wound? Do I have one? How do I know if I have one? Bethany would say most of us are carrying some […]

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Wholly Human with LeAnn Rimes

Global expert Bethany Webster shares insight into healing the “Mother Wound,” something she believes we’ve all inherited to varying degrees. She joins LeAnn to explain why this is a ‘core […]

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Mindful Mama Podcast with Hunter Clarke-Fields

Why is it such a commonly held belief that the more you self-sacrifice, the better of a mother, wife, and person you are? Where did this notion even come from? […]

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The Home to Her Podcast with Liz Kelly

One of the most detrimental ways that patriarchy harms women is through our relationships, often in ways that we don’t even understand or have language for. This can be especially […]

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