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Dear Mama Podcast with Nikki McCahon

Here’s what Nikki had to say about our conversation: “In this week’s episode I’m chatting to Bethany Webster a coach, writer and speaker whose life mission is to help women […]

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The Melissa Ambrosini Show with Melissa Ambrosini

In this episode we chat about: My story from being the ‘mother figure’ as a child, to falling pregnant at 19, to healing my Mother Wound and my spiritual awakening […]

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Mommy Matters Podcast with Cecile Edwards

The Mother Wound and Intergenerational Healing. If you’re looking to understand some of the deeper causes of our struggles as women, check out this podcast episode. You’ll get a LOT […]

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I AM WOMAN PROJECT Podcast with Catherine Plano

This podcast interview with Catherine Plano about Discovering the INNER MOTHER. This interview is part of the Woman of Inspiration series on Catherine’s podcast, I AM WOMAN PROJECT.

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The Final Swipe Podcast with Nikki Noro

In this episode, Bethany talks with Niki Nova on her podcast “The Final Swipe” about how the Mother Wound impacts our dating life and romantic relationships.

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A Millenial’s Guide to Saving the World with Anya Kaats

Listen in to this to-the-point interview as Anya and Bethany dissect the Mother Wound and delve into its practical manifestations for mothers, daughters and anyone raised in a patriarchal society […]

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IMperfectly Healthy with Faith Shevlin

In this episode of the IMperfectly Healthy with Faith Shevlin, Bethany is interviewed about Healing the Mother Wound. Bethany explains what the Mother Wound is, how it manifests and what […]

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Encounters with Toko-pa Turner

Award-winning author Toko-pa Turner interviews Bethany on healing the Mother Wound for her  “Encounters” series of interviews. 

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