Join Bethany Webster, leading expert on healing the Mother Wound®, and thousands of women globally stepping into Sovereignty by healing the inner child.

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Embody Bolder Boundaries

In this recorded 90-minute Workshop, you learn the link between the Mother Wound and not being able to set healthy boundaries. You will get the tools, mindset shifts, and values you need to embody bolder boundaries, starting today!
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How to Deal with and Heal from an Emotionally Immature Mother

This online mini-course is specially designed for Adult Daughters who are seeking support and guidance in healing from the negative impacts of having an emotionally immature mother. It's time to reclaim your emotional well-being and thrive despite the challenges of having an emotionally immature mother....
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Step into Your Sovereignty by Healing Your Inner Child

In this free course, consisting of 7 potent lessons delivered via EMAIL, I focus on helping you to cultivate a sense of inner safety for your inner child, resulting in a greater capacity to step into your power and feel a sense of sovereignty and empowerment at this time in history. One recorded hour-long webinar is included.
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From Subservient to Sovereign

Learn how the practice of inner mothering is the bridge from feeling subservient (due to early childhood conditioning) to feeling sovereign, which means reclaiming a sense of personal authority, embodied ways of knowing, trust in your observations, intuition, and a sense of loyalty to the higher truth that lives inside you.
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Transform your Life by helping your inner teen feel safe, sacred and secure

In this 3-part Mini-Course, you will learn how to take your inner child work and extend it one step further — by working with your inner TEEN. When we can become aware of how shame was internalized in childhood through our teenage years and how it shows up for us now as women, we can heal and become empowered at an unprecedented level.
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best-selling Premier Course

Healing the Mother Wound with Bethany Webster

Uncover what many women have called the missing piece on their healing journey.

First launched in 2014, the ‘Healing the Mother Wound Course’ is a comprehensive personal development program to help you raise the bar in every area of your life.

Join thousands of women from all over the globe for revolutionary teachings from the leading expert on healing the Mother Wound.

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