Discovering the Inner Mother

In this groundbreaking book, you will learn what the Mother Wound® is, why it’s important that we heal it, and how our lives improve as we do.

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Why do women hold back professionally and personally? What fuels the uncertainty and lack of confidence so many women often feel?

In this paradigm-shifting book,
I identify the source of women’s trauma —the Mother Wound.

Discovering the Inner Mother is a transformative and potent introduction to the work of Healing the Mother Wound.

It takes you through what the Mother Wound is, why it’s important we heal it, and the incredible breakthroughs that happen as we do!

If I had to boil it down, the message of the book is this…

Healing the Mother Wound is about dismantling the patriarchy within ourselves; the patterns and beliefs that we’ve inherited from our families of origin and our culture so that we can become fierce, free, and fulfilled like never before.

As women, we will remain stuck as long as our inner child still believes that our emotional safety lies in being compliant with the patriarchal patterns that we learned from our mothers early in our development, that say it’s safer to be small, silent, and self-sacrificing.

Ultimately, it’s not about our mothers in the end, but about correcting the false conclusions we came to as small children so that we can thrive as empowered women, in every area of our lives.

We become free as women by mothering our inner child into true safety and empowerment, opening up new possibilities for our lives, beyond where our own families and cultures have gone.

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Reflections by Readers

Available in hardcover and Kindle editions.
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Expert Reviews


Leslie Arreola-Hillenbrand
founder, Latinx Parenting


“This has to be one of the most impactful, sincere, and enlightening books I have ever read.”


Heather Plett
author of The Art of Holding Space


“Some books heal you, some books challenge you, and some books affirm you. This one did all three. It affirmed some of the wounding I didn’t yet have language for, gave me new ways of understanding my relationship with my own mother, helped me heal things that were left unfinished when my mom died, revealed more clearly what was passed down in the lineage and our cultural systems, and taught me how to mother myself. Perhaps most importantly, it challenged and liberated me to have more openhearted conversations with my adult daughters about the wounds I don’t want to pass on to them. Thank you Bethany Webster for this immeasurable gift.”


James Hollis, Ph.D.
Jungian analyst, and author of Living Between Worlds: Finding Personal Resilience in Changing Times


“Webster has created a comprehensive mapping of the toxic mother-daughter dynamic, its shaping of the daughter’s ‘script,’ and how the daughter may rescue her journey and outgrow the limitations of her childhood experience by accessing her own ‘Inner Mother.’ This book is most insightful and urgently needed.”


Jasmin Lee Cori, MS, LPC

author of The Emotionally Absent Mother


“Bethany Webster is a true cheerleader for women embarking on the long, harrowing journey of birthing their authentic self. A helpful guide for recovering Good Girls laboring to do the heroic work of healing the Mother Wound.”

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