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Way too many women entrepreneurs struggle, not because they don’t have the right business training or the right systems in place, but because they haven’t yet addressed the inner foundation upon which their success truly rests.

Bethany invited me to new messages and stories that have allowed
me to heal both the young girl within and the grown woman I am today.
The reverberations of this are endless.”


THEY SAY that wanting MORE is greedy.
THAT PUSHING YOURSELF is the way to succeed.
THAT “AUTHENTICITY” is just a buzz word women throw around.
THAT YOUR WORK can’t have both deep impact and deep meaning.


The “they” in this scenario may be the patriarchy, may be the world at large, may be your colleagues… but likely is coming from somewhere deep inside of you; a voice you can’t quite put a name to.

This voice also whispers other devastating things like, your survival depends on the approval of others, or that if you truly become successful no one will love you, or that self-care should always kowtow to successfulness. Or, worst of all, that you’re a fraud. And that at any moment, someone’s going to realize that hey, you don’t belong in this entrepreneurial world.

The great news is… that these feelings and whispers of unrest and fear and ‘stuck,’ are not a cause for shame, or a symbol of you not being good enough or strong enough. IN FACT, they’re a sign that you’re ready to step into something BIG. Yes, the very things that are causing you distress are THE EXACT THINGS you can use to propel you forward into the kind of leadership and success and fulfillment that you’ve been LONGING for.

And that is precisely why the EMERGENCE program for high-level women entrepreneurs exists: to activate your purpose and unlock your destiny as you mother yourself into mastery.

What is the way forward?

Because here’s a big, blaring, bright truth: You can take care of yourself and have a high-level, successful business. One more: it’s not about doing more in your life or business, it’s about being true. (And doesn’t that already make you breathe easier?)

But in order to be true and have a business and life based on ease and self love, we have to question the voice that has been feeding us all of this BS. We have to poke and prod at the whispers that told us we had to disown and hide parts of ourselves to survive in this world. We have to majorly detox from these cultural beliefs and patterns and LIES.

  • So that you can lead in monumental, remarkable ways you’ve never been able to before.
  • So that you can reclaim the parts of yourself that have been lost; taken from you; lessened.
  • So that you can feel safe to be real; to be your whole self… which will allow you to TRULY THRIVE and offer the world ideas and solutions that are revolutionary and unprecedented.

Yes, I’m interested in
the coaching program

This is the missing piece that will truly allow you to flourish as a female leader.

What is the Mother Wound?

Our mothers provided our basic templates for ourselves as women.
Our mothers were our first models, thus they inevitably and unconsciously passed along their own limiting beliefs, often unintentionally and in an effort to keep us safe.

In order to truly embody the feminine energy that the world needs right now, we must look at the ways that we have felt in exile from the feminine in ourselves. And let’s be honest; our first experience of the feminine was with our mothers.

It all comes down to this predicament: How can we step forward to be the powerful, visible, pioneering women we are being called to be—when many of the patriarchal messages we received from family and culture tell us that we will experience certain loss and rejection if we do?

I believe that the most urgent issue today in women’s leadership is the necessity for women leaders to heal the Mother Wound. Women have an inheritance of wounding from patriarchal culture that has continually told us we are ‘less than.’ And since girlhood, we’ve received messages of limitation that have been woven deeply into our blueprint.

So what we must do is rewrite, rework, and rewire our thinking so we can activate our true purpose and destiny.

This is what is required to UNLOCK and UNLEASH your unstoppable.

I call this: mothering ourselves into mastery.

This is not:

  • A quickfire turnaround
  • One-off workshop
  • Hands-off training
  • Frameable inspirational quote

It is:

  • A deep commitment
  • Transformation at the deepest level
  • Exactly what is required of us

This is an invitation to go on a deep journey within yourself that results in leading from a place where you effortlessly radiate a higher vibration and drop the struggle and striving and pushing.

NOT healing the Mother Wound is enormously expensive and painful on many levels:

  • Not charging what you’re worth
  • Feeling stuck, competitive with other women
  • Not feeling safe enough to bring your best work forward
  • Self-sabotage when close to a breakthrough

If there is one single thing you can do to step into your authentic power and leadership, it is to heal the Mother Wound.

The world of possibilities opened up.

I learned to set limits that I would have never imagine possible. I learned to hear myself, honor my needs and conceive myself as a complete person without needing the approval of my family and cultural stereotypes. I feel at ease and happy to make my own choices. The world of possibilities opened up, my creativity realized, and the joy to be a mother totally exploded. All my relationships have changed because I changed my relationship with myself.”

Mariana, Mexico

Who am I and why do I care so much?

I spent years avoiding this issue in hopes that it would just go away. I truly believed that if only I filled myself with more credentials, read more books, and received more training then I wouldn’t have to actually look at the painful patterns related to my mother. I avoided the Mother Wound at all costs. Yet I found out eventually that once I did look closely at challenges in my life, they all eventually traced back to the painful patterns and limiting beliefs that originated in my relationship with my mother. It wasn’t until I gathered the courage and support I needed to face the Mother Wound directly that everything changed.

I spent years doing this inner work and really focusing on this issue. I’m not going to candy-coat it, it was painstaking and hard. Yet I had an unexpected, miraculous realization along the way: the Mother Wound is not something we need to avoid or feel shame about, it is a doorway to our full power and potential. You see, there is a deeper wound in the Mother Wound, a wound with life itself. When this deeper wound is sufficiently healed, your life takes on a whole new harmonious flow, a higher baseline of love, fulfillment and joy. Something bigger is guiding you and moving through you.

Nothing compares to the relief and confidence that comes with having faced your deepest pain. You become truly safe.

That is the true ground you can stand on, the structure needed to hold your vastness.

Without a single hesitation I recommend Bethany’s work to other women over and over again.

Throughout the program and our sessions together, she gently walked me into an ever-deepening awareness of the messages I’ve internalized and the stories that have defined me. Messages and stories that have kept me playing small, taking on responsibility for everyone else’s happiness, and believing that my worth and value were somehow tied to my struggle and suffering. Even more, she invited me to new messages and stories that have allowed me to heal both the young girl within and the grown woman I am today. The reverberations of this are endless – certainly in my ongoing relationship with my mother, but also in other relationships and my work in the world. I suppose it sounds a bit over-the-top to say that Bethany has changed my life, but that hardly makes it less true. Her wisdom, kindness, and personalized-and-powerful care have enabled growth and grace previously only imagined. Without a single hesitation I recommend Bethany’s work to other women over and over again. She’s that good.”

Ronna Detrick

This work transforms who you're BEING in the world, allowing you to....

  • Start trusting your own impulses and desires and inner senses and intuition.
  • No longer live in constant response to others’ demands.
  • Break destructive patterns that are sneakily holding you back.
  • Discover the life-changing power of an unapologetic, true “No.”
  • Take emotional risks, being open and radically honest.
  • Own your physical presence with confidence and power.
  • Experience pleasure and welcome good things
  • Powerfully hold space for others to know their deeper truths
  • Cultivate the inner safety necessary to truly innovate and bring forward new ideas and information
  • Be imperfect without self-recrimination
  • Easily make decisions from a place of inner alignment
  • Experience abundance as part of your own nature, not something outside of you
  • Confidently set boundaries that support your highest self
  • Break the illusory link between your mother’s suffering and your success
  • Really take in that your greatest service to others is living your best life possible
  • Cease care-taking and over-functioning for others, creating space for yourself to flourish at the highest level and space for others to own their own journey.
  • Create an inner mother within you who unconditionally supports you
  • Feel that it’s truly safe to succeed and flourish on every level
  • Bring forth a whole new level of depth and power to your clients and those you serve

This is not for the faint of heart.
This is for the brave and courageous.
Those ready to embrace the discomfort and do the work
to live in a new, BIG way.

Because the result? Will blow your mind.

My work is becoming more successful!

Although I had a successful singing career, made visual art and recently work as a teacher and writer, I have always struggled with feeling small when expressing myself, ashamed of coming forward. Now that the Mother Wound is healing, I feel my natural confidence is coming back, urging me to speak my truth in an unapologetic way. My work is becoming more successful and expanding in ways I couldn’t have predicted. That feels so good!”

Esther Teule, Netherlands

You’re already in a powerful position. You owe it to yourself to tap into your exponential capacity for growth and change. Because it’s not about money or success (although those are glorious side effects of this work), it’s about the exhilaration of living in loyalty to the luminous core of truth within you.

Because that is true abundance, that is wealth.

That is something that no one can touch.

Is your heart racing?
Is there a pit in your stomach urging you forward?

Then let’s talk.

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