Almost 30 is a top wellness podcast, spirituality podcast, lifestyle podcast, and inspirational podcast for women. Above all, Almost 30 is a space where you can come as you are, feel welcomed and supported, and learn more about the topics that fuel your conscious evolution. Their mission is to inspire and empower you while still keeping it grounded and fun.

Almost 30’s podcast description:

You may remember Bethany Webster from our most recent Camp Almost 30 where she, we have to say, brought the freaking house down. She also joined us in March of 2021, where she introduced the community to the life-changing idea of the “Mother Wound,” and about healing and dealing with the multi-generational trauma that gets passed on to us.

Bethany Webster is Redefining Generational Trauma & Bringing the Mother Wound Into the Mainstream Conversation on Mental Health

Now, she’s helping us to identify another unheard part of ourselves, our inner teenager. By now, the idea of the inner child is totally understood, but our inner teenager still hangs out in there. Like most teenagers, yours is probably misunderstood or completely ignored.

“Sovereignty is having a really solid connection with your truth and being able to embody that without guilt and without blaming other people.” – Bethany Webster, Author


That part of you has so much to give and Bethany Webster helps us get on the level to understand those lessons. Tune in.

We also talk about:


  • The undermining and exploitation of teenagers in society
  • The function of shame
  • Teenagers’ pressure to grow up fast
  • Healing the inner teen vs. the inner child
  • How the inner teen gets activated
  • Defining and finding sovereignty
  • Ending friendships that are no longer aligned
  • Finding peace with your inner teen
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