You might be thinking what is the Mother Wound? Do I have one? How do I know if I have one?

Bethany would say most of us are carrying some wounding from our own mothers.

The Mother Wound is when we split off from our authentic selves because of conscious and subconscious messages from our own mothers about who we need to be, about who they need us to be or about who society needs us to be.

Our beliefs about ourselves are generally formed between the ages of 0-7. That is so powerful. And that is exactly the same time we need our caregiver’s love to survive. So what do we do? We adapt. We split off from who we really are to become who we think we need to be in order to get that love.

And that is the Mother Wound.

It is important to say that this is not about mother bashing or shaming our mothers. We are all mothers and know how challenging this role is.

Bethany’s call to us is to look at this, so it is less likely that we will pass it on to our own daughters.

We have to fill the mother gap within our selves to be the mom we want to be for our kids.

– Bethany Webster

Zoe Blaskey is the founder of Motherkind, a self empowerment platform for modern mums. Through Motherkind Zoe coaches mothers of all backgrounds from Global CEO’s to full time mums on how to navigate the huge challenges of modern motherhood. Zoe hosts The Motherkind Podcast which is the UK’s number one family podcast on i tunes and speaks every week to world leading experts on a range of topics from self care, mental health, career, nutrition and parenting. Past guests include Madeline Shaw, Bryony Gordon, Dr Gabor Mate, Dr Kristen Neff, Dr Shefali Tsabury and Amelia Freer. Zoe has been featured in Red, The Times, Psychologies, Goop, SheerLuxe and the Evening Standard. The Telegraph celebrated the podcast as ‘the antidote to the toxic perfectionism of modern motherhood’. Zoe was also personally asked by Arianna Huffington to write on modern motherhood for her global wellbeing platform, Thrive. Zoe is has two daughters, and lives with her husband Guy in London.

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