Results of the Online Course

” I “stumbled” onto your work early on and it was an epiphany. It was such a balm to know I wasn’t alone! You considered me a “founder” and after all these years I continue to learn from you and the wonderful community you hold space for. Your work has been transformative to me. I am grateful for your insights, support, and willingness to keep growing through courage, love and fierceness.”


“I am thankful for you and all your tools, resources, and your compassionate presence. 🥰 I’ve downloaded the book and will begin integrating one question and answer into my regular inner mothering practice, as appropriate. I appreciate the time and effort invested in putting this resource together!”


“The course and community of women that comes along with it have been invaluable to my healing. ✨💪

Emily Bender

“I feel so grateful and blessed to benefit from Bethany Webster’s work. My Mother Wound was so deep and severe, I was terrified to even acknowledge it, but Bethany’s course, workshops, and coaching gave me the courage and the skills that twenty years of therapy never did. Unlike my experience of therapy, Bethany validated my mother’s abuse, she did not try to get me to find compassion or forgiveness for my mother, but to express my own reality. Bethany helped me work through the guilt and shame I felt at recognizing my mother’s abuse. Before Bethany’s work, I never knew what parentification was, and when I read her writings, I saw my experience echoed. There is no way to recover from a Mother Wound without support and meeting with Bethany every other week along with the Facebook group, the calls, and the on line course gave me the structure and guidance I needed to break away from my toxic family. With Bethany’s help, I’ve been able to let go of self-sabotage, to feel joy, happiness, competence, and connection and to pursue my dreams. Since taking the course, my relationship with my husband and my kids is so much better, I’ve learned how to fill my cup first and let everyone else benefit from the overflow. I feel healthy, happy, and strong.”

Ella Braun

“Bethany’s work is a profound synthesis of ‘cell-memory food’, reminding every fiber in my body to spit out the rotten, and reignite these powerful forgotten Truths Bethany has so masterfully woven together. This is the sophisticated feminine wisdom education I wished I could have bathed my soul in 20 years ago! Beyond the many layers of resistance I encountered, I found indescribable relief that followed the completion of this deeply satiating work. Working with Bethany has been like a Truth tuning-fork, helping to replace the aching dissonance of distorted love, with so much clarity and affirmation in my Being. Bethany, thank you deeply for your courageous and brilliant work, the impact of which I know continues to heal both directions of my Mother-line.”

J.J., London

“I can’t describe the impact discovering you and your work has had on my life. I also can’t thank you enough for all the work you have done to bring the Mother Wound to light. I am so grateful to have found you and your work. It has transformed me. It has been the missing piece to fully understanding a pain I could never quite put my finger on but was always there. It has also helped me understand my mother, my grandmother and my great grandmother and I can clearly see how the Mother Wound has been passed down from one generation to the next. Amazing insights, healing, growth and love.”

Donna Shea

“I came to the Online Course on Healing the Mother Wound because I was feeling stuck and frustrated in my life. I have taken many courses and done a lot of “work” on myself through many different healing modalities, therapies and programs. And still, there was this place where I was still STUCK. These feelings of “not good enough” this not enough-ness really showed up in relation to my Mom, and my closest peeps. I know they reverberated throughout all my choices and ways of being in my life. I had been seeing Bethany’s work pop up in my radar for a couple of years and I was finally ready to really step in and take action. Even though Bethany offers so much goodness in her free offerings, it was in the course itself where I began to more fully embody the ideas my intellect was understanding. I knew that embodying this information was the only way I was ever going to really make things different. To create lasting change.
I found the course and it’s content deep and nourishing. I felt so much support, directly from Bethany many times. The amount of direct wisdom that Bethany offered actually surprised me. She is 100% percent in and available during every live call and online in the Facebook group. There is wealth of practical knowledge, wisdom, empathy and understanding, from Bethany and the other course participants. Other women living, breathing and feeling so many similar emotions helped me to accept that these feelings are real and not something to be judged or disposed of.
I feel so much freer, in my life in general and in particular with my Mom, my partner and my closest friends. This has transformed all of my relationships, especially the one I have with myself. This phrase was new and hardly believable when I first heard Bethany say it “You are not beholden to anyone”. Really?? Can that really be true? Now I absolutely know that it is. Ahhhhhh….. what a relief. I now know how to give myself what I missed out on as a child. I can mother myself, and that is a beautiful gift. Thank you Bethany, my life has truly transformed.”

Tammy H.

“My work with Bethany in her online course of Healing the Mother Wound has profoundly affected my ability to show up and be a better mother to my own three young daughters. With Bethany’s guidance, the support of an incredibly wise and embracing online community, and by doing the work and the exercises provided in the course, I was able to find and connect with my inner child, identify the gaps in what I needed/need from my own mother that she was/is not able to give, and learn to mother myself in ways that are truly nourishing and healing. It is this mothering of myself that I could then directly apply to how I mother my own children; while I learned to care for and nurture my inner child the way she longed to be cared for, I was then more able to show up and be present with my own children, extending to them the same love I was giving my inner child. And so, when my child shows up to me with big emotions, I can remain calm and loving as I am also learning to be calm and loving with myself, no matter what I am feeling. It has been a beautiful and evolving path of self-love, acceptance, and motherhood. I highly recommend Bethany’s work to anyone who longs to find wholeness within and walk the path of conscious parenthood. It is only by doing this deep work of healing ourselves that we can learn to extend unconditional love to the next generation.”

Teresa Regan Hess

“As a psychotherapist I have found the course on Healing the Mother Wound (HTMW) invaluable to explore my mother/daughter history and the wounded feminine. Like many therapists I’ve had many years of training and group/individual therapy and yet for me there was something about my relationship with my mother that I had skillfully avoided! I believe that all therapists are ‘wounded healers’ and the foundation of the work that we do is our personal journey through our wounding and our ability to stay connected with it in service of our clients. The Mother Wound has to be the primal wound at the root of everything and so by taking the time to look at this very closely with expertise and support I now feel I have finally got the missing pieces of my puzzle.

Even if therapists attend the best trainings in the world, we only reach into our wounds when we are ready which may or may not coincide with the therapy training. Through going through the modules you will go on a bit of a rollercoaster but you will come out the other side better able to support and attune to your clients. You will re-visit and practice inner child work in such a way that it becomes a daily practice with the aim of aligning your adult self, your inner child and your true/higher self. This is the work of individuation and a fantastic gift to yourself and your clients.

I came to the HTMW online programme having done two decades of spiritual and emotional work but decided to approach it with a ‘beginner’s mind’ and to feel my feelings. The course is deep, well structured and has just the right amount of content in it so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Its strength is its focus on one very specific area of the mother/daughter relationship and for me it has been transformational. I believe it is powerful because it is based on Bethany’s own healing journey and so she really gets mother wounding and this is evident in all her writing and responses to individuals.

As I worked through the modules I felt so guilty that I was betraying my mother in some way and I observed all my patterns of making myself wrong, feeling there’s something wrong with me and self-rejection come to the surface. It was incredibly healing to read the responses from other women in the Facebook group coupled with Bethany’s expertise who validated me and reflected back to me that my wounding was through pockets of childhood neglect. It was at that moment that I had an epiphany that I for all these years I had been a parentified child feeling responsible for my mother and unable to hold her accountable for not being there for me when I most needed her. The reason I had not been able to get to the core of my wound before was that I had been protecting her.

I cannot emphasize enough how powerful it was to hear other similar stories to mine and to experience the empathy and care from the women in the Facebook group. Some were able to recommend specific books on neglect and being the child of adult children, so I took my time and did the reading until eventually I got angry.

This process went so deep that it also shook the foundations of my relationship with my husband and simultaneously we went through some very difficult times but that somehow became the vehicle for me to get in touch with my grief. So for a few days several modules in, I really did collapse into tears but I kept updating the Facebook group, doing lots of self-care and receiving support from everyone including Bethany who encouraged me to keep going. This course is a lifelong process and an excellent investment in your own growth.

It really made me reflect on patriarchy, the experience of women in my ancestral line and generally how my relationship with my mother has shaped me as a woman and impacted my relationships. I witnessed women in the group who had traumatic stories and was inspired by how Bethany was able to ‘see’ and support them safely through some very difficult decisions.

Bethany has an eye on the bigger picture and makes you feel like you belong to a movement of women who are paving the way for future generations. A truly valuable experience and it’s great to have lifelong access to the many articles and materials because I know there will be many more layers of healing to come. Thank you Bethany and the HTMW community.”

R.Khanna, Integrative Psychotherapist MA (from the UK)

“In May this year I was preparing to return to Scotland to scatter my mother’s ashes. She had died while I had been bed ridden with Chronic Fatigue in Australia. As a mother she had done the best she could in parenting me but I also knew there had been huge gaps. I needed to learn how to grieve all the spaces in my heart that had longed for a deeper, more respectful and loving connection and I also needed to learn to fill them up with loving kindness.

I signed up for Bethany’s course after her spring pop up and completed the first two modules before I departed in mid June. Both gave me a deeper understanding of what programming I had downloaded from my mother and how it had shackled me to a life of subjugation in all areas of my life.

On my return I completed the rest of the course at my own pace, finally finishing in September. These modules take you into wounds that have often not seen the light of day. All of women who have completed and are currently working through the course have been brought together on a secret Facebook group. We all openly share our struggles and breakthroughs under the loving guidance of Bethany who is a very active presence in the group. Bethany also offers further support on her bi-monthly calls and I believe this extraordinary ongoing support system has been the reason why the course has been so life changing for me.

How do I feel now? I feel truly liberated. The positive changes have been astounding not only to me but to all the people who are in my life. I have respectful and healthy boundaries with the parts of myself that can pressurize and overwhelm me. There is a deeper intimacy with my inner child, Little Jen. My husband and I are enjoying a renewed sense of connection in our marriage. I am now a much more present and accepting mother to my three bold and beautiful children. New, more healthy and supportive friendships have blossomed and finally my business has become more heart led and handmade that that feels so good!
The truth is this course will transform your life in ways you can’t even imagine. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking to foster a deeper connection with themselves by honoring those childhood wounds and healing them deeply.”

J. Winfield, Australia

“This course is not life changing…it is LIFE SAVING, it is LIFE RECLAIMING, it is LIFE BUILDING! I have never felt so alive, I have never felt so safe. Bethany has created an amazing road map, tools and a safe space (in form of a secret FB group and Q&A calls) where I can always find full validation and suport. Where I can just be myself and where I can FIND my true self. Bethany taught me that I WILL live, I will survive because I have me, a beautiful human being. I will always be grateful to Bethany for sharing her wisdom and her passion.”

Weronika Tobolska

“Over the years, given an abusive family of origin, I did a huge amount of inner-work (and searching!), culminating in finding a highly skilled therapist, a proponent of Alice Miller, who (at last!) validated what I’d experienced as a child.
I did deep therapeutic work, and learned much about communication, clear boundaries and much more. But something was still missing. For some reason I could not for the life of me, get my outer world life to work. Eventually, I came across Bethany’s work and her question starting with, “As a little girl, did you wish your mother…” jumped out at me like a lightning bolt. While doing the ‘Healing the Mother Wound’ course, I came to understand that a lot of the inner work I’d previously done was around discovering what was done to me by my abusive mother. Through working the questions in Bethany’s course (not for the faint-hearted!), I found out what my mother did not do for me – a myriad of things needed by a child and young woman in order to thrive. I’ve been learning how to slowly fulfill those needs now. The more and more layers of real self-mothering I put in, the more and more solidly I’m experiencing the ground beneath me. With that, I’m powerfully experiencing the fully-fledged woman I am (I’ve always wanted this). And this is changing everything in my outer world, e.g. I’m now being heard in a way I’d only dreamed of, though absolutely knew was possible.”

Rasili O’Connor, Australia

After 10 years of healing work, finding Bethany’s course was like the missing ingredient that made all the rest of the healing make sense. The course is so thoughtfully created, the insights are as if it is speaking right to your own soul. Before this course, I always turned away from inner-child work because of how it was presented. Bethany’s approach to inner-child work is so profound it will transform you. It has enabled me to put down some of my pain and make peace with things I had no idea how to make peace with or understand. The community of women you meet in the course is so extraordinary it is worth joining the course just for that support and sisterhood. This course will heal so much more than just your Mother Wound – once you start it you’ll wish you had found earlier in your journey.”

Joanna, Toronto, Canada

To say this is profound, life changing and transformative on so many levels does not go anywhere near expressing the depth, richness and genuine love and power of this work. If you have done lots of work already (or not) this is the place to come. Support is there every step of the way and Bethany shines out with genuine integrity and authenticity. A woman who is a living testimony of the power of her own work. Come and join us and change the world one woman at a time.
The modules are rich and there is no time limit to do this deep beautiful work. There are regular calls to get support directly from Bethany and the other women. The resources are like an overflowing fountain of knowledge support and wisdom. Bethany is right there with us all. She is the center of the wheel. I’ve never felt safe in groups as I never felt safe in my family, but this group is not only safe, it is healing too.
This work is life changing. I feel reborn. I feel that at last I am finding out who I truly am. My creativity is flowing, and I am loving life. My female friendships have transformed. I have let go of so many people who were draining my life force. Faced the past and transformed it. Life is now dancing through me and I feel excited about what the future is bringing me. This work is deep. It has roots in ancient wisdom and Bethany has birthed this in the most beautiful way.”

L. Purrkins, UK

Your online course on Healing the Mother Wound has been beyond incredible. My life has transformed. I am now a mother myself and feeling so grateful as this program groomed me for this my greatest role in life. I started the program In June and got pregnant in November. I have completely recreated my relationship to both my mother and sister. We went from barely ever speaking to being told by them both how proud they are of me and the woman and mother I have become. It is not my “fantasy” relationship but something real, nurturing, reciprocated and frankly an impossibility made reality. Thank you Bethany for facilitating and creating the space for such deep ancestral healing for my family. I am eternally grateful to you for assisting me in this healing mission for my family.”

Cynthia Richardson, U.S.

“Bethany I can’t ever thank you enough for what you are doing. I’m facing my Mother soon. I’m going to finally tell her how I feel. I’m nervous and excited. It’s a miracle I’m actually doing this! I had spent literally thousands and thousands of dollars on therapy, courses and goodness knows what. This online course is miraculous, pioneering, magical, compassionate and has done for me what nothing else has even got near to.

Olivia Majors, U.S.

“T H A N K Y O U. Your work has guided me through 2 pivotal moments in my life, already. Because of your support (via blog and other resources) I have made the decision to go no-contact. It never occurred to me prior to reading your post about estrangement that this was even an option for me. Already, there is a joy + vibrancy returning to me, an increase in feeling safe to show up fully, and a very real increase in sales for my business. Once I made the decision to go no contact, I was able to start grieving, and write this piece, published on Over the Moon Mag, titled Finding Self-Worth With a Narcissistic Mother. I cannot thank you enough for guiding me from a far. I very much look working with you in the future to grow my impact in my business.
Immense Gratitude + a Cracked Open Heart,”

Jillian Anderson, U.S.

“I’ve said it before but I wanted to say again how TRULY incredible your course is, Bethany. You have created something that is really amazing. Divinely-inspired I think. It has to be! Your questions and modules are so beautifully paced that they guide you on a magical journey deep into your own soul to discover the hidden treasures that have for so long, been covered in masks and rubbish – unrecognisably so until you go deep enough to see the truth that lies beneath. Thank you so much for gifting this course and your amazing insights, gentleness and loving support to the world!”

Lavinia Brown, UK

“Today I’m finishing my 7th step in the online-course and I feel so happy! And not just happy, I feel something different… I’ve had a lot of questions during different stages of my life and it looks that Bethany Webster knew it because she has answered them while I was reading every page and I was doing the exercises… It has been amazing! I know that this is a process, a lot of layers to be healed will come, but today I feel inspired, I feel that I have a new awareness about my Mother Wound… Today I have names for my feelings, I know more about Patriarchy, and I understand more about my “mother gap.” Also, I love to know that I have the key with me to fill this gap being my own mother! Isn’t incredible? I can be my own-mother! One lovely, comprehensive, patient, happy, nourishing and so on. I’ve been looking for these answers my WHOLE life! THANKS Bethany!

Adriana Solis, Spain

“I found Bethany in a place of intense and even surprising pain around my relationship with my mother. As I read her writing and heard her voice and heart within, I knew that she knew exactly what I was feeling. I was right. Throughout the program and our sessions together, she gently walked me into an ever-deepening awareness of the messages I’ve internalized and the stories that have defined me. Messages and stories that have kept me playing small, taking on responsibility for everyone else’s happiness, and believing that my worth and value were somehow tied to my struggle and suffering. Even more, she invited me to new messages and stories that have allowed me to heal both the young girl within and the grown woman I am today. The reverberations of this are endless – certainly in my ongoing relationship with my mother, but also in other relationships and my work in the world. I suppose it sounds a bit over-the-top to say that Bethany has changed my life, but that hardly makes it less true. Her wisdom, kindness, and personalized-and-powerful care have enabled growth and grace previously only imagined. Without a single hesitation I recommend Bethany’s work to other women over and over again. She’s that good.”

Ronna​ Detrick, U.S.

“Despite being a therapist for the last 10 years, I realize now how much I was avoiding looking at this area of my life. It was only as I was getting more and more women come through my clinic mirroring this at me that this area opened up to me but I really didn’t know how to delve deeper. Your course has put into words and given me clarity for everything I was feeling and experiencing and is helping me heal. It’s painful, challenging, amazing and insightful, I feel like I am finally starting to step into my power and for that I am truly grateful.”

Amanda Hassan-Ally, UK

“Bethany, I’d like to thank you so much for the online course on Healing the Mother Wound. I started this course hoping that maybe, just maybe it could help me to move on with my life somehow. I had no idea at that time, that the steps you laid down for me would take me to where I am today and who I am today. The journey through the modules took me all the way to the deepest abyss and back to the light. The endless “aha” moments brought forth a huge paradigm shift that catapulted me to the new level that I thought was not reachable for me in this life. I cannot thank you enough. I’ve tried so many things, done so much healing, took so many courses, but this was such a thorough, deep and life changing process. I am truly re-born.
The wall I had around my heart is gone and I’m free to receive my husband and children. The connection, communion, compassion that is present in my marriage now is what I thought could not be possible. I feel genuine gratitude towards my mother now and at the same time I was finally able to say “no” to being parentified daughter. The pain that was passed down became the food for my strength and inner power. For the first time in my life I’ve learnt how to set the healthy boundaries and respect myself. I’m so much more at peace with Life and what it brings. I’m not afraid of triggers anymore, because I’ve learnt they are the portals to my inner self. And the relationship with my inner child is reflected in the deep and empathic connection I have now with my children. The way I relate to them now is a true miracle. I used to be so reactive although I love them dearly.
Through this course I was able to forgive myself and connect with bottomless empathy that I thought wasn’t there… The chains I had around my throat and ankles are gone and I’m finally getting out to the world with my message! If I was to describe this transformation with one word it would be – embodiment. It’s one thing to know something and it’s totally different thing to live it. Today I’m living transformation.
Thank you for your deep and vast wisdom, support, love, enormous sense of safety, validation and mirroring. Thank you for being a true role model of a loving, compassionate, balanced, fierce woman. As Joseph Campbell said “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Thank you for showing me the way to, through and from this cave. Thank you for holding the space for me to become my true, free, unique self. With Gratitude and Love“

Magdalena Szpilka, Ireland

“Dear Bethany …. I don’t know where to begin …. your course has made so much difference to me and I’m so grateful to you for creating it. Despite doing a lot of deep work over many years I still felt totally stuck …. as if in a sticky web. Your course opened my eyes and validated my experience in ways that made it safe to see and feel what hadn’t been safe to see or feel before. Even though I finished the modules several months ago things are still opening up in a way I feel much safer to deal with now and I know they’ll continue to open up … I feel much safer in my own skin …. the shame that kept it all bound up in a self perpetuating loop is seen for what it is and I am more and more aware … deep in my bones … that it was never about me …. my mother just passed on what she could never question that had traumatized her …. I can be so much more present for myself now. Feeling alone with it all is giving way to a deep knowing of how much it was never “just me” and it never meant anything about me in the way I was taught so very young. I would not hesitate to recommend your course to anyone considering it …. you’ve put together an amazing way to safely journey through very confusing territory which has just been a booby trapped minefield till now. Thank you and bless you!

Jude, Australia

“Before I enrolled in Bethany’s online course I was confused about what I felt. I knew my childhood experience and ongoing relationship with my mother was dysfunctional, but I didn’t have the language to explain it well. Learning from Bethany the generational cycle of patriarchy and the ensuing damage finally gave me clarity and vocabulary to explain what I have carried in my heart for decades. Simply being able to articulate it – or having it articulated for me – was a form of liberation from the pain.
The course itself allowed me to go as deep or shallow as I preferred and according to the volume time I chose to dedicate. It was clear, helpful, and therapeutic to walk through the course under Bethany’s structure and to be supported by the associated private Facebook group. After completing the online course, I feel stronger in my convictions, more clear in my position, and far more brave that I have ever felt. My family of origin is still dysfunctional, my relationship with my mother almost non-existent, yet I feel more at peace with it all than ever before. I am a stronger woman, wife, and mother because of the understanding I garnered during Bethany’s course. I will not play out passive-aggressive dramas with my husband or pass on dysfunctional patterns to my daughter because now I see clearly where I stand in a larger system that has been playing out for many centuries before my arrival. My experience no longer feels like a personal attack, my childhood no longer a personal oversight, and my future no longer chained to destructive obligations. With Bethany’s help my personal purpose has been illuminated and I can feel good about serving the greater good of humanity by my wholeness, happiness, and freedom from pain, blame, or victimhood. I would recommend Bethany’s course to anyone who struggles with her unknown, unidentified discontent so that she can learn to see that the key to freedom is mothering herself and loving herself back to wholeness.”

Carla Golden, U.S.

“I registered for Bethany Webster’s ‘Healing the Mother Wound’ online course this summer whilst pregnant with our third child. I had come across Bethany’s work through colleagues and was curious to see how it may touch and support me in my work with women here in the UK. I was deeply moved by the content, the support from Bethany herself and her deep commitment to holding women through this transformative awakening and healing process. What activated my own transformation through this work most was Bethany’s vulnerability in the sharing throughout the modules of her own process with this work. Never did I feel as if I was alone or unique in the often painful and uncomfortable places that I encountered. Bethany skillfully assisted in navigating me through my grieving process and onto a place now of confidently welcoming all that continues to unfold in my awareness. I whole-heartedly recommend this training to all women!”

Mandy Adams, Womb Yoga Teacher, Menstruality Educator, UK

“As a participant in ”Healing the Mother Wound” online course, I would like to express gratitude for this high-quality, in-depth, genuine program! The generous amounts of insights and variety of tools offered are unique. The program addresses and enlightens every corner of the wounding with care, beauty and respect, bringing expanded awareness and transformation.Thank you for you pioneer-work Bethany!”

Selene, Finland

“I ran across Bethany’s course while reading about parentified daughters online. Bethany’s writing struck a chord with me: she was describing me so intimately and in so much accurate detail. I decided to enroll in her online course and I’m glad I did. The course provides structure for exploring your relationship to your mother when you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, or when you can’t see a way forward. In my case, it was all three. The written exercises provide a framework for looking at yourself, your mother, and your relationship in depth. In answering the questions I learned about myself: my wounds, my particular strategies for survival, the parts of myself I had hidden or given up, my deep longings and desires, my hopes and dreams for wholeness. Alongside the written exercises, the readings, and the group conference calls, participants can join a private Facebook group. For me, this group experience was a very profound and powerful piece of the program. It is a place to be heard, to be validated, to be vulnerable with your truth and your fears – aspects of yourself that are so tender you may not have shared with anyone else before. I feel as though I am still part of a community of women that was created when I took the course, and I feel blessed to have this place to go back to again and again as I continue to grieve and to grow, and to re-connect with myself at a deeper level, and to navigate my relationship with my mother on my own terms and in my own time.”

Jenny, U.S.

“Discovering the Inner Mother has been one of the best experiences of my young adult life. Each of the 7 modules were steady steps to recover my own identity as a free woman. This course is no easy task. If you’re thinking about it please know it will be very hard, deep, grounding work, but as you go, your vision will be expanded and there will be no going back to old ways that held you back. At least that is what is happening to me.

I am beyond grateful for Bethany’s direct support, the Q&A calls and the community online that held me during very difficult days or when I had celebrations or breakthroughs to share. This course has helped me to get to know myself to depths that patriarchal society doesn’t normally encourage women to do.

With stronger foundations and better knowledge of my relationship with the Mother Wound, I feel nowadays more secure within myself, stronger and lighter. There’s much work to be done ahead. I’m so proud to be part of this and excited about what’s coming for newer generations.

Thank you, Bethany, and all the women there that have been doing the work together.”

Andrea Nieblas

“I’ve spent most of my 64 years not quite understanding what was the matter. Why was I seemingly unable to be content, let alone happy. My relationships were difficult and brief. My family was this painful void.

I googled the words Mother Wound two years ago during my most recent round of therapy and to my absolute surprise there was a body of work created by Bethany Webster that made absolute sense. I signed up for one of the free courses she offered to get more details. Following that, I decided to fully invest in ME and joined the course.  

The coursework alongside a cohort of like-minded women was more powerful than anything I had tried in the past. It isn’t just me who gained insight. I have witnessed other women coming to the group and making incredible progress and offering up their own insights for the growth and learning of the entire group.  We truly support one another.

I’ve made incredible strides in my personal growth in the last two years since I found Bethany’s work. I have fewer physical stress symptoms, sleep through the night and feel connected to my world. My mother plays a relatively small part in my life and that works for me. I feel great about where I am.

Discovering the Mother Wound course has helped me to connect the dots I needed to grow into the life I had wished for, for so many years.”

Tracy Irwin

From the first time I heard Bethany talk and read her articles I was deeply moved by her work. Doing the course expanded enormously on what I was getting from the articles. The online course flows in a natural, developmental way that helped me to see layers of my own patterning from different directions and in a clear, comprehensive way. Although I was familiar with many aspects of my Mother Wound from my mindfulness and emotional healing work, this course helped me to put all of my work into a broader context and gave me a way to integrate and synthesize my own earlier inner work and the new pieces that Bethany has introduced me to. Now that I’ve finished the modules I am so happy to notice that I feel both stronger (aware of my boundaries and able to take of my own needs and feelings) and softer (compassionate and open-hearted toward my little girl self, my current self, and other people). I am grateful to Bethany for this work and recommend it highly!

Gloria Shephard, U.S.

“Want to share a bit of my journey with healing the Mother Wound. I’m feeling so grateful, appreciative and in awe over the past 3 years when I first went no contact with my mom. It only lasted about 5 months, I know it’s different for everyone. For me I think it’s the time I needed to separate my energy from hers and allow for the needed clarity on how to heal and figure out what type of connection I’d be able to have with her. The clarity keeps evolving as I’m made aware of other stuff.

I won’t say our relationship is rosy and pink. Not at all. But the boundaries I’ve put up are MFing tight. She has little wiggle room. I also understand I was able to get to this place because I reached a die or ride type of place where I had to do it for me. Ever watched the first Conjuring movie? Towards the end where the actress playing Lorraine Warren said ‘we are now fighting for her soul’. Kid you not, those were the words being repeated in my head during that time.

One of the first differences I noticed right away, upon waking up, I no longer felt anxious or depressed. It was a daily occurrence for me as long as I can remember. The next noticeable difference were stabilized emotions throughout the day. Not detracting from the mood swings we all experience. I feel the ones I speak of bordered on mania/bipolar levels. So many other transformations took place after that as well. Aside from Bethany’s course I also did a deep dive into mothering my inner child, chakra rebalancing, breathing exercises, ancestral honoring, rebalancing the divine masculine/feminine, grounding.

I’m more in my body and can now distinguish my emotions from others and unhealthy enmeshment with others. It’s all a work in progress of course but so well worth it! This type of work really will change future generations — breaking the chains of patriarchy and allowing woman to reclaim their magic. Hugs and kisses to all!”

Daisy Meija

“My greatest celebration in 2021 was completing the MW course. I no longer view the MW as a burden. On good days, I appreciate the gifts that have been received through wounding. On healing days I have new confidence in myself. A new confidence is my ability to feel deeply, and explore and nurture needs that only I can satisfy. Before the MW course, I was waiting for my mother to heal so that I could heal. The power is now mine, and mine alone to nurture myself. I was in a cycle of seeking nurturance from the outside, enslaved to the fantasy of being mothered. The reality takes work. Sometimes old patterns provide familiar temporary relief. What a joy it is to have the privilege of meeting my inner mother who has been with me on this journey all long.”

LaKesha Robinson

“I love myself.  Truly, deeply…today I have fully realized love for myself.  I’m not perfect and at the same time, all the pieces of me; good, bad, ugly, sad, weird, authentic, unique, beautiful…are all worthy of deep love and devotion.  The compassion that I feel for my inner child is never ending and it is starting to change a core piece of me.  It’s transforming my trauma into golden harp strings strumming the most beautiful melody.  The silliness and the unabashed joy are rising and shining through.  There is finally mercy for all the pain that has weighed me down for so long.  It just doesn’t seem so heavy anymore.  

I trust in myself to know how to care for and soothe the darkness that arises, befriending it and holding it.  Letting it know, you are safe here.  Come, sit down and tell me everything.  Nothing you say or feel will be judged.  And each time the darkness gets less dense and lighter.  Tiny pockets of divine light beams through. This is what I have been searching for…My Whole Life.  And now, I have found it….Relief!”

Jennifer Sotomayor

“I am 67 years old and today is the first day of my life that I feel whole. Today, I own with every fibre of my being, every right that I have as a human being on this planet. I have replaced the rotten framework that has been incapable of supporting me throughout my life, until now. I feel the strength returning to my aging, weakened body. The dissociation and cognitive dissonance that has sabotaged every reasonable, logical thought for the last ten years of my life has finally lifted and my poor, dear brain, though very very tired, is now functioning cohesively. I am able to welcome and witness whatever emotion is arising without being overwhelmed and thrown off balance.

Although I had four years of psychotherapy ten years ago, it has taken so much extra work and healing to get to this point, so much reading and reflection, so much patience and restraint. Bethany’s work has been the key which finally opened the entrance to the maze and enabled me to gather all the pieces together and find the centre. I don’t doubt that I still have much to learn but I am not frightened any more and my perception of the future is now one of adventure. This process really does work!

Gillian, U.K.

“Bethany, your program “Healing the Mother Wound” changed everything for me, it was the start of a journey towards healing and authenticity, and also unpacking SO much “transgenerational” luggage which was not even mine to begin with <3 thank YOU:-**** so grateful for having found your work!”

Ileana Bumbulici, UK.

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