I’m so delighted to be this week’s guest on the Power + Presence + Position Podcast with my former business coach, Eleanor Beaton.

You do NOT want to miss this episode. I share

  • How I learned to lean into the internal places that feel scary.

  • My evolution as an entrepreneur, writer, and teacher.

  • What the mother wound is, how it manifests itself, and its four levels.

From Eleanor: “For the first episode in my Feminist Business Credo Series, hear my fabulously insightful conversation with Bethany Webster about how the mother wound within each of us affects our business journeys. Bethany shares her story of building a meaningful, rich business that feeds her creativity while also providing a financial fortress despite her challenging upbringing. We dive into some pretty deep topics like emotional safety and mother-daughter work, and I hope that this conversation will inspire you to consider the internal work you need to do to grow your business.”

This is part of a series all about the feminine in business, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the series! Check it out here: thefeminineinbusiness.com/

Eleanor Beaton is the founder and CEO of SafiMedia, an education and coaching company for women entrepreneurs.

Eleanor has been recognized nationally and globally for her work as a women’s leadership expert, business coach, and writer. She has served as a growth & marketing advisor to billion-dollar women CEOs, political leaders, and thousands of emerging women leaders and entrepreneurs. She has won multiple national and international awards for journalism, leadership coaching and entrepreneurship.

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