Healing the Mother Wound
with Bethany Webster

Uncover what many women have called the missing piece on their healing journey.
Start healing the Mother Wound and create the “inner safety” you need to become the unstoppable woman you’re meant to be.

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First launched in 2014, the ‘Healing the Mother Wound Course’ is a comprehensive personal development program to help you raise the bar in every area of your life. Join over thousands women from all over the globe for teachings from the world’s leading expert on healing the Mother Wound.

A message from Bethany

Amazing insights, healing, growth and love.

“I can’t describe the impact discovering you and your work has had on my life. I also can’t thank you enough for all the work you have done to bring the Mother Wound to light. I am so grateful to have found you and your work. It has transformed me. It has been the missing piece to fully understanding a pain I could never quite put my finger on but was always there. It has also helped me understand my mother, my grandmother and my great grandmother and I can clearly see how the Mother Wound has been passed down from one generation to the next.”

Donna Shea

Your Fierce, Free And Sovereign Self Is Waiting

Are you tired of struggling with…

  • Feeling paralyzed by a sense of not being good enough?
  • Being stuck in a loop of comparing yourself to others?
  • Wanting to show up differently but scared of how people will react?
  • The fear of losing people you love if you change and grow?
  • Feeling frozen when it’s time to honor your needs and boundaries?
  • Having issues with food or body-image?
  • Experiencing struggles with money and creating abundance?
  • Shame, and feeling like something is fundamentally wrong with you?
  • Getting triggered and not knowing why?
  • Knowing you should be working with your “inner child” but not sure how?
  • Attracting people who are not supportive of you?


Since our culture isn’t comfortable talking about the Mother Wound, it’s taboo to imply that we have complicated feelings about our mothers. So we try to solve our challenges at the symptom-level. But, for many women, that is simply NO LONGER WORKING.

Let’s look at how the Mother Wound might be holding you back too and what you can do about it. Because on the other side of healing the Mother Wound, your fierce, free, and sovereign self is waiting…

Here's the problem...

It’s no secret that many women with incredible gifts and talents often get stuck with fear and self-doubt. One of the big reasons is that the beliefs and patterns that kept us safe in childhood later become barriers to our empowerment in adulthood. Left unaddressed, these early patterns can lead to being stuck indefinitely with guilt, shame, and self-sabotage.

As female children, we inherited a template from our mothers of what it means to be a woman; what is possible and impossible for us; what is expected, and what is not OK. These things are so unconscious that we often don’t even know they are there, even into adulthood. They often sabotage us for years, if not decades. And if we do not take action to change them, possibly our entire lifetimes.

What exactly is the Mother Wound?

The Mother Wound is a set of beliefs and patterns that originate from early dynamics with your mother that can cause you to unconsciously limit or sabotage yourself. The Mother Wound can manifest in many ways: problems with boundaries, giving your power away, feeling unworthy, shrinking to be accepted, being an emotional caretaker of others, etc. The Mother Wound is also the pain of being a woman passed down through generations of women in patriarchal cultures.


What is the high cost of Avoiding the Mother Wound?

The core belief within the Mother Wound is a vague, persistent sense that, “There’s something wrong with me.” Left unaddressed, this unconscious belief may touch every area of our lives, causing us to indefinitely remain small, stuck and feeling undeserving. This can result in not fulfilling your potential and arranging your life around “not rocking the boat.”


Our mothers were our first teachers and our first leaders.

Because we live in a patriarchal, male-dominated society, our mothers inevitably and unconsciously passed along messages that cause us to reject ourselves, to dismiss our dreams, and to be small in order to survive. These were the same messages and beliefs that she and her mothers before her had to internalize. While these messages may have helped us physically survive a hostile, unfeeling world as children,

they actually inhibit our ability to step forward and live from our authentic power and truth as adult women.

This online course offers you the wisdom I learned through my own journey of healing the Mother Wound; so that you can remove your core blocks related to your mother and step into your true power. You can do this!

How is the Mother Wound showing up in your life?


Are you…

  • Feeling stalled or paralyzed in taking the steps you need to fulfill your career goals?
  • Feeling unable to speak your ideas or take risks for fear of being exposed or criticized?
  • Attracting bosses who trigger you, remind you of your mother, and seem to keep you down?
  • Playing out familiar patterns of your family of origin in your work environment?

Are you…

  • Attracting partners who mirror the same issues you had with your mother and/or father?
  • Experiencing codependent patterns of people-pleasing, downplaying your needs, and over-functioning for your partner?
  • Having difficulty setting boundaries and honoring your true feelings due to fear of abandonment?
  • Creating a push-pull dynamic of longing for deep connection but pushing away for fear of getting hurt?

Are you…

  • Settling for friendships that are not as reciprocal as you desire or deserve?
  • Attracting friends who are similar to your mother and replicate the dynamics?
  • Not able to find women who you can trust to make friends with?
  • Feeling frustrated about not being able to communicate your needs in friendships?

Are you…

  • A mom dedicated to breaking the cycles of mother-child pain?
  • Not wanting to repeat the same painful situations you grew up with, with your children?
  • Finding yourself having intense triggers with your child and unsure how to handle it?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to balance self-care with all the caring you have to do?
Family of Origin

Are you…

  • Feeling like the more you grow, the more tension increases with your family of origin?
  • Noticing that big conflicts occur when you are honest and clear through setting boundaries or doing things differently?
  • Having a long-standing pattern of trying to create “peace” by silencing yourself, being over-accommodating and stuffing your feelings?
  • Trying for years to improve your relationship with your mother but it never gets better?
If any of these could apply to you, the Mother Wound could be holding you back from realizing your power, potential, and the fulfilling life you deserve.

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The Cost Of Avoiding The Mother Wound Is Monumental

On a personal level, avoiding the Mother Wound keeps you stuck indefinitely with these painful dynamics and more likely to perpetuate them to the next generation as well.

The cost to society and the world is that generations of women keep themselves small so as not to offend, are compelled to blame themselves, and bypass the chance to fulfill their potential. Thus, the genius, power, love, and gifts of countless women are lost to the world.

Life is too short to endure these patterns, both personally and collectively. We are living in a time of unprecedented change and upheaval. As we heal the Mother Wound, we create new possibilities for ourselves and the women of the future.

Your healing is that important!

Why Did I Create This Online Course For You?

I created this online course because after spending years healing from the Mother Wound, I experienced results so profound and life-changing that I am passionately dedicated to helping other women experience the same.

I realized that healing the Mother Wound is essential to removing the barriers to a woman’s full-scale empowerment but I saw that many women avoid it or downplay it, not understanding that it can drive our most insidious and unconscious self-sabotaging patterns. Healing the Mother Wound is the next frontier, the missing piece that unlocks our full power and potential.

Transforming Pain into Power...

Before focusing on healing the Mother Wound, I tiptoed around it and avoided it. I had low self-esteem, very weak boundaries, and a deep sense of shame. I didn’t want to look at the Mother Wound because it was just too painful. Yet, I knew that claiming my power and experiencing true fulfillment required that I address it. I felt stuck. Once I summoned the courage to directly address the pain in the Mother Wound and got the support I needed to

do so, my life changed dramatically, and new horizons opened to me that I would never have imagined!

Early in my healing process, I had moments where I felt very alone. I wished I knew another woman (other than my therapist) who had already made it to the other side, who could show me that it IS possible to move through this deep pain and inner limitations.


I want to be that person for you!

When you focus on healing the Mother Wound you are no longer dealing with multiple symptoms or surface problems in your life, you are dealing with the central point from which many major issues arise. Because your relationship with your mother is so foundational, it touches on every area of life, and the scale of your healing and transformation is unlimited.

My goal is simple:

To provide you with the tools necessary to dismantle the dysfunctional patterns within the Mother Wound that have kept you stuck and to build new structures that support you in authentically living as your true self. If you’re fully committed to your growth and empowerment and are READY to move through this, I invite you to invest in yourself with this online course.

Having spent over two decades on my healing journey, I have created a roadmap of the healing process that can benefit all women across the spectrum of mother-daughter relationships, from those with peaceful relationships with their mothers to those with difficult relationships.

In this online course, I’ll walk you through a transformative 7-step process that covers the full terrain of how to heal the Mother Wound, as well as offer you tools & resources that will support you on the entire journey.

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Is This Course Right For You?

This course is for you if…

  • You can afford this course without causing yourself financial harm.
  • You honor and respect healthy boundaries.
  • You commit to doing the work and taking full responsibility for your own healing.

This course is NOT for you if…

  • You are looking for quick, instant results without much effort on your part.
  • You have difficulty using a computer or the internet.
  • You aren’t able to respect healthy boundaries.

How the Course is Structured

The Healing the Mother Wound Course is comprehensive and transformational. It’s designed to be adjustable to fit your schedule and healing process – in other words, it’s not cookie-cutter but designed to be flexible to meet you where you are.

Comprehensive Online Training

Experience a one of a kind learning experience over seven modules. Each module has an intro video, a core content section with video, audio, text, and a downloadable PDF. The material is rich, transformative, and deeply healing.

Community Support

Get access to a private Facebook group to connect with other women on this journey with over a thousand members from all over the world.

Archived Q&A Vault

Explore the hundreds of recorded calls from past years. Each call is rich and unique with women from all walks of life and from many different points on the healing journey.

Practical Exercises & Worksheets

Once you have assimilated the learning content in the Modules, make the content yours by doing the potent exercises and filling out the journaling prompts.

Bonus Content – Healing Your Inner Teen

Get exclusive access to my most popular material – three videos and a powerful Workbook – on healing the Inner Teenager that you cannot get anywhere else.

Bonus Resources & Articles

Explore the robust resource section and over 30 complimentary articles by Bethany Webster. (This content is used by many therapists looking to support their clients in healing the Mother Wound.)

Here’s what’s covered in each Module

module one
Understand your mother as your Foundation
  • Understand how your mother has served as the foundation for who you are right now.
  • Explore how the unconscious patterns and primary issues that form the Mother Wound have kept you stuck and prevented you from claiming your true potential up to point.
  • Discover how your current beliefs about your body, food, financial abundance, relationship, etc. have been unconsciously shaped by your mother’s beliefs.
module two
Identify the Taboos and Stereotypes that have prevented you from healing the Mother Wound
  • Pinpoint the cultural taboos and stereotypes that reinforce shame for feeling the pain of the Mother Wound, causing it to go underground and impacting your life in negative ways.
  • Claim your worth and authenticity by removing the outdated masks you have worn to protect the wound but that have kept painful patterns in place.
  • Understand the greater societal and social context that perpetuates the Mother Wound through the generations and how you can stop the cycle.
module three
Address the "Mother Gap"
  • Get mental clarity on precisely what you missed so that you can fully grieve and finally fill the mother gap from within.
  • Discover the ways you have compensated for the mother gap in your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.
  • Develop a new relationship to the feelings you’ve been defending against and allow for contact with them to create change in your life.
module four
Give up the impossible dream that one day your mother will transform into the mother you've always wanted her to be
  • Contact the child within you who is still waiting for her mother to show up and learn how to provide the support she needs to finally and fully let go.
  • Learn that the Mother Wound is not a personal deficiency in yourself; but simply a deficit in the environment, i.e., a natural result due to environmental factors present in your childhood.
  • Dissolve the pattern of looking outside of yourself for validation and projecting your need for mothering onto other people, allowing for greater self-love, ease and connection in your relationships.
module five
Allow Yourself to Grieve
  • Allow yourself to mourn and grieve for what you needed and to feel the legitimacy of your pain. This step clears the way for shifts that were previously impossible.
  • Get tips and tools on how to counter the cultural and familial messages that tell us we should not address our grief.
  • Learn skills to support yourself through the grieving process. Understand that giving yourself permission to grieve is giving yourself permission to experience freedom and peace.
module six
Transform the Inner Mother from one of limitation into one of unconditional love and support
  • Transfer the primary attachment bond from the mother that cannot meet your needs to an inner mother that will always be there for you.
  • Learn how we have a second chance in adulthood at filling the “mother gap” with our own self-love and how to build the new structure to support that.
  • Learn the five essentials of self-care and how to put them into action.
  • Learn the importance of the restorative relationship and how that solidifies the healing and helps you to come out the other side.
module seven
Emergence: Living Life Beyond the Mother Wound
  • As the Mother Wound is increasingly healed, an incredible amount of energy is returned to you and available for new ventures and a new way of being. Create a clear, new vision and plan for your life beyond the Mother Wound.
  • Identify new beliefs that reflect your new way of Being and discover how to activate and embody them on daily basis.
  • The healing process is organic and has its own timeline. Get important tips that will support you for years to come as you continue to emerge into self-actualization.
bonus module
Healing Your Inner Teenager
  • Why we bond with shame as a way to be safe, and how this keeps us stuck as women.
  • How the bond of Inner Mother & Inner Child allows us to realize our true innocence and sacredness.
  • How true security is created through a commitment to healing the Mother Wound and Inner Mothering over time.

What Graduates Are Saying

High-quality, in-depth, genuine program!

I would like to express gratitude for this high-quality, in-depth, genuine program! The generous amounts of insights and variety of tools offered are unique. The program addresses and enlightens every corner of the wounding with care, beauty and respect, bringing expanded awareness and transformation. Thank you for your pioneer-work Bethany!

I was deeply moved by the content and support from Bethany.

I was deeply moved by the content, the support from Bethany herself and her deep commitment to holding women through this transformative awakening and healing process. Bethany skillfully assisted in navigating me through my grieving process and onto a place now of confidently welcoming all that continues to unfold in my awareness. I whole-heartedly recommend this training to all women!

I highly recommend this program to all women!

I have done a lot of therapy on my relationship with my mother which is now very loving, but Bethany has made me much more aware of my Mother Wound and how to heal it, as well as how to birth the mother within myself. I am so grateful to Bethany for sharing her experience, intuition, and wisdom in such a simple, gentle, heartfelt way in her course. I highly recommended this program to all women!

Barcelona, Spain
THE BEST investment a woman can make in herself.

Healing the Mother Wound is an incredibly DEEP and thorough course that takes care of the ROOT of the many issues women experience. It’s THE BEST investment a woman can make in herself – better than all the superficial self-care routines out there combined. This course, it helps with very deep fundamental healing! Not to mention lifetime access to all the course materials!

New York

You are investing in real results

Here’s a sampling of what is possible when you show up fully and commit to the process of healing the Mother Wound!
  • Give yourself permission to be fully happy without guilt.
  • Set healthy boundaries and own your worth.
  • Raise your standards and feel capable of creating better relationships.
  • Blossom into full authenticity: discover your true needs and desires without shame.
  • Go from struggle to living in the “flow.”
  • Re-define self-care and implement it daily.
  • Feel safe within: become increasingly rooted in your goodness and wholeness.
  • Feel more connected to life. Know that you truly belong.
  • Step into your purpose and dreams; go for what you TRULY want.
  • Experience the peace of knowing you are enough, with nothing to prove to anyone.
  • Enjoy feeling comfortable and joyful in your own skin.
  • Feel the sovereignty that you are the authority of what is right and best for you.
  • A new relationship with Life itself, feeling held, loved and guided; trusting all is well.

Learn how to "Mother Yourself into Mastery."

With each new level of growth and evolution, the inner child needs reassurance that it’s safe to go into new territory beyond where our families or friends have gone. Reassurance that she will not be alone is at the heart of the many fears we carry.

Every time I go to a new level in my life, I learn on an ever-deeper level the importance of lovingly mothering the little girl inside us.

What do I mean by that?

The profound, healing energies of Inner Mothering include…

  • Bringing softness and gentleness to our fears and anxieties
  • Allowing ourselves more spaciousness to be with our emotions
  • Making time to differentiate the pain of the past from the safety of the present
  • Giving evidence of all the good, beautiful things in our lives each day
  • Allowing ourselves to move more slowly through the day, hour by hour
  • Creating new non-negotiables that protect our boundaries and support the manifestation of our dreams
  • Taking calm, clear action even if the inner child is experiencing fearful moments
  • Creating new consistent habits of self-care and nurturing in our schedules
  • Feeling the ease, confidence and sovereignty that come from owning your worth in all that you do.

I’m ready to join today!

Clues That You Would Benefit From Inner Mothering

  • You find yourself regressing into feeling like a little girl (or teenager) in situations that cause stress
  • You feel helpless and powerless in moments more than usual
  • You push yourself into exhaustion and burnout with work
  • You find repeating patterns from your childhood coming up in relationships
  • You struggle with fears of being alone through rejection or abandonment
  • You feel paralyzed to make changes in your life due to guilt, shame, or obligation

As you heal, you can begin experiencing these amazing shifts…

  • An expanded sense of possibilities and excitement about the future
  • A fierce self-love in the face of anything that would diminish you
  • A clear sense that you are capable of creating anything that you want
  • A sense of your special place in the world that can never be taken away
  • A joyous generosity and desire to support other women in their dreams
  • Willingness to step into the discomfort of the unknown for the sake of what is true and real

There’s a paradox that as we slow down to nurture the small child inside us, we can accelerate our forward momentum in our lives as women.

Are you ready to pick up the momentum?

Not by “doing more” but by showing up sincerely for the precious child inside you?

Words From Wise Women

“Exploring and healing the Mother Wound is some of the most profound work I have ever done, and am still doing, on my healing journey.”

LeAnn Rimes, Singer & Actress

“Bethany Webster is a true cheerleader for women embarking on the long, harrowing journey of birthing their authentic self.”

Jasmin Lee Cori, MS, LPC,
Author of The Emotionally Absent Mother

Pay in full
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Payment plan
7 monthly payments of $47
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14-Day Money-back Guarantee

I am confident that this course is the missing piece to your full-scale healing and that it will change your life from the inside out… but if you’re feeling uncertain, you can relax knowing that I have a solid guarantee that makes this a 100% no-risk investment.

If, after two weeks inside the Healing the Mother Wound course, you decide it’s not for you, just let me know by sending my team an email, and I’ll refund 100% of your tuition – no questions asked.

I want you to feel super good about making this investment in yourself, your inner child, and your future fierce self. So if you try it out and it isn’t for you, you can get your money refunded by sending a simple email.

My 14-day money-back guarantee is my way of honoring you and allowing you to feel confident in your decision to enroll today.

What Graduates Are Saying

This online course is miraculous, pioneering, magical

Bethany I can’t ever thank you enough for what you are doing. I’m facing my Mother soon. I’m going to finally tell her how I feel. I’m nervous and excited. It’s a miracle I’m actually doing this! I had spent literally thousands and thousands of dollars on therapy, courses and goodness knows what. This online course is miraculous, pioneering, magical, compassionate and has done for me what nothing else has even got near to.

Your program changed everything for me

Bethany, your program “Healing the Mother Wound” changed everything for me, it was the start of a journey towards healing and authenticity, and also unpacking SO much “transgenerational” luggage which was not even mine to begin with <3 thank YOU so grateful for having found your work!

This course is not life changing… it is LIFE SAVING

I have never felt so alive, I have never felt so safe. Bethany has created an amazing road map, tools and a safe space where I can always find full validation and support. Where I can just be myself and where I can FIND my true self. Bethany taught me that I WILL live, I will survive because I have me, a beautiful human being. I will always be grateful to Bethany for sharing her wisdom and her passion.”

Bethany’s course was like the missing ingredient that made all the rest of the healing make sense

The course is so thoughtfully created, the insights are as if it is speaking right to your own soul. Before this course, I always turned away from inner-child work because of how it was presented. Bethany’s approach to inner-child work is so profound it will transform you. It has enabled me to put down some of my pain and make peace with things I had no idea how to make peace with or understand. The community of women you meet in the course is so extraordinary it is worth joining the course just for that support and sisterhood. This course will heal so much more than just your Mother Wound – once you start it you’ll wish you had found earlier in your journey.

Toronto, Canada

Meet your Mentor, Bethany Webster

Why am I qualified to help you heal your Mother Wound?

  • I am considered by many to be the world’s leading expert on healing the Mother Wound and have had an international reputation on this topic since 2013.
  • I have been consistently on my own healing journey for over 25 years, since I was 19 years old, working with one trauma therapist throughout that time.
  • I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology.
  • I’ve taught workshops in over ten countries on healing the Mother Wound and spoken at high-level conferences.
  • I’m the author of a popular book on this topic called Discovering the Inner Mother that’s been endorsed by celebrities, authors, and therapists alike. The book has been translated into 10 languages.
  • I run a highly successful business around this one, singular topic.
  • I have a vibrant social media following of over 120K women dedicated to this topic alone.
  • I have coached over 100 women privately, and many thousands have gone through my free and paid online trainings.
  • Since 2013, I have published dozens of articles and interviewed on many podcasts, magazines and other media outlets.
  • Through the years and my research, my influences have come from the work of Audre Lorde, Marion Woodman, James Hollis, Gabor Maté, Adrienne Rich, Rachel Cargle, bell hooks, Jeannie Zandi, John Bradshaw, Peter Levine, and many more

I’m uniquely qualified and good at what I do and I’ve helped thousands of women on their journey of healing the Mother Wound.

Now I want to be that person for you.

Become The Unstoppable Woman You Are Meant To Be!

Pay in full
Get the best deal
Payment plan
7 monthly payments of $47
Get the payment plan


Does this course come with Live Q&A calls?

No, this course does not offer live Q&A calls. However, it does come with a massive vault of pre-recorded Q&A calls that you can listen to at your convenience and a substantial Q&A eBook of over 40 pages that includes all the top questions from women who have taken the course over the past 10 years. (Not having Live calls allows Bethany to offer the course at a lower price point and thus makes it accessible to more people.)

What is the Mother Wound and does it involve blaming my mother?

No, this is NOT about blaming your mother. It’s about examining one of the most significant relationships of your life so that you can gain the necessary self-knowledge you need to actualize your highest destiny in this life. This course is not about blame—it’s about truth, it’s about understanding the root cause of your personal challenges for healing and transformation. Ultimately, it’s not about our mothers in the end, but about owning our gifts without shame.

I’ve already done a lot of work on this issue. Will this course help me?

YES. I regularly hear from women who have been in therapy for decades that this course has done what nothing else could. I believe this is due to the “laser-focus” this course has on the nuances of the dynamics between mothers and daughters. It’s a deep dive into the main milestones of healing that must happen for us to move through this wound into your full empowerment.

My life is super busy. How much time will it take?

Even if you are busy, this course is for you. The key is to stay engaged with the content consistently, even for a small amount of time each week. Because you have lifetime access to the material, you can take breaks as needed or spend more time with some content that resonates with you. Also, you can purchase it now and begin months later if you want. It’s designed to be flexible so that you can get as much out of it as possible at a pace that works for you.

I can’t start now. Can I start later?

Yes, you can sign up and begin whenever you want.

Do you have any testimonials from past graduates I can read?

Yes, you can read dozens of results from graduates here.

Do you offer a refund policy?

Yes, I offer a 2-week refund policy. No questions asked.

Is the course different from your book?

Yes, it’s very different. My book is part introduction to healing the Mother Wound and part memoir. The Online Course is my 7-step process where you actively go deep and actually do the work on healing the Mother Wound. There is a ton of in-depth material covered in the course that is NOT in the book.

Can I still do this course if my mom has passed away?

The course doesn’t specifically address that scenario; it’s designed to help women in all different situations. While the language of the course content speaks as if your mother is living, many women have taken the course whose mothers are already deceased and have gotten life-changing results.

I’m dreading having to feel big emotions from my childhood. Should I expect that?

Yes, strong emotions can come up as we heal, but these feelings cannot actually harm you, as they may have seemed capable of doing when we were children. Strong feelings about our childhoods are like “burps” or undigested emotions from the past experiences coming up for release and completion. This is a natural, necessary part of the healing process and nothing to be afraid of. In this course you learn tools to manage strong emotions so that you can become confident about taking good care of yourself emotionally. You get to go at your own pace and take breaks as you need. In fact, you are encouraged to practice moving slowly, trusting your own timing and the organic unfolding of your healing, layer by layer.  You also have the option to work with a therapist to help you as well if you find you would benefit from that extra support, which many people do.

Do I have to be in therapy while taking this online course?

It’s not a requirement to be in therapy while taking this online course but it is strongly suggested, especially for those who have experienced abuse or trauma in their childhood. Tips are provided in this course for what to look for in a therapist in case you decide at some point you’d like to look for a therapist to support you. Students who are in therapy while in the course report that it is really helpful to have a therapist to listen and support them in processing what comes up as they move through the course.

In the healing process, will I find that it’s necessary to make big changes in my life?

It is possible that in the process of healing, you may find that some big changes need to be made. This is true of any growth that we go through, our outer lives will eventually shift to reflect the inner evolution we’ve experienced. However, it is a gradual, incremental process and you get to move at a pace you feel comfortable with. There’s no need to make any changes before you feel fully ready to do so. And when it is time to make a change, you will do so feeling that it’s the best possible choice for you, in a way that feels safe, supportive, at a pace and in the direction of what you know is best for you. You will have the support of me and the community as you navigate the process.

I’m concerned I’ll have to possibly go no-contact with my mother. Is that common?

There’s no way to know at the outset how our healing and growth will impact our relationships with our mothers. Some women have improved relationships with their mothers and become closer than ever. Some women have a more superficial relationship that feels less stressful due to clearer boundaries. And some women find that no-contact, though a hard choice, is the only way to true peace and healing for them. As we embark on the journey, all you can do is trust that you will surely be in a better place, whatever the outcome, and to get the quality support and guidance you need for the journey, which is provided in this course. Along the way, whatever happens, you will gain powerful clarity, become emotionally stronger, more sure of yourself and clear on what is right for you overall.

Are You Ready To Break The Cycle?

The Mother Wound is the underlying core issue of most of the issues we face as women but it’s very normal and common to simply avoid the issue out of fear because it’s a taboo, complex topic in our society. Many women feel shame or guilt for admitting that they experience complicated tensions with their mother and struggle with resultant low self-esteem as a woman.

The Mother Wound is a set of limiting and self-sabotaging patterns we internalize early in our development as little girls that form a low self-concept which can remain for our entire lives. It’s not ultimately about our mothers in the end, but rather how we unconsciously learn how to limit and sabotage ourselves as a means to secure love and approval from other people. Because this patterning is internalized so early in our development, it influences nervous system and brain development, becoming interwoven into our very sense of self.

These patterns include patriarchal messages about women being inferior and the demand to be self-sacrificing as a means to gain approval. These patterns include staying small, not rocking the boat, and having a default mode of self-doubt and self-recrimination, all of which underpin every area of our lives because they have to do with our original self-concept, forged in the early dynamics with our mothers. These patterns then get reinforced through patriarchal culture messages from peers, media, schooling and the established status quo.

These messages stay in place until we do the necessary inner work to transform them. Many women try to deal with the surface issues related to the Mother Wound, dancing around that core issue.

Do you have the courage to do this profound, long-term inner work in order to become free?

Many women spend their ENTIRE lives dealing with these painful patterns and beliefs that comprise the Mother Wound. They never get to a place to do the deep inner work it requires to break the intergenerational patterning of the Mother Wound, and it gets passed down to the next generation. Maybe your own mother or grandmother struggled with their own painful patterns and low-self concept, and it got passed down to you.

Are you ready to break the cycle?

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