Discovering our Inner Mother takes much work and dedication. See the kinds of results this courage can bring.

“There are few truly life changing experiences in life, working with Bethany is one of them. I came to know about Bethany through her seminal book: Discovering the Inner Mother. After raising four children as a single parent, and struggling to keep my chin above water in the corporate world, my work with Bethany was about recovering “me”–that part of me that is alive and vital and has needs that truly deserve to be heard and met. I came to realize that for nearly 60 years I had been putting my life on hold–always putting the needs and desires of others before my own. A big part of my work with Bethany was around reclaiming my creative identity and this involved some inner child work that has been invaluable in my journey.

Bethany created such a space of tenderness and love that I felt safe bringing forth the little nine year old within me, comforting her, and encouraging her to create and share herself more fully with the world. Bethany created a safe space for me to share, to show up authentically and for me to choose myself for the very first time. I now feel a greater sense of ease and confidence in my life. No, all of my problems have not been solved, but I feel a greater sense of calm about it all and about my sovereignty in making the next right decision.

After a lifetime of investing in others, I finally made the decision to invest in myself. Working with Bethany is the best investment I’ve ever made. If you are on the fence about investing in yourself, I encourage you to take the leap. Bethany, I can’t thank you enough for your work. It has made a profound difference in my life.”

Tracey B.

“Bethany’s work is affirming, clarifying, and perspective-giving. Working with her 1:1 catalyzed so many beautiful aha’s I would not have gotten to on my own. I walked away with a deeper understanding of myself, the dynamics with my mom and family, and my patterns in relationships.

I now have clues for what to look out for in others and myself in order to avoid repeating things from my past. It has completely shifted my standards and expectations of others and how they treat me and I’m seeing it reflected back to me in big ways.

I’ve also developed a deeper relationship with my inner child and confidence in myself to care for her. I especially appreciated working with Bethany because she intimately understands the Mother Wound – for once I felt like I didn’t have to convince or justify. Feeling understood was such a gift in and of itself.

I feel more freedom, possibility, and peace around life and my future. If you’re thinking about working with Bethany or taking her course, do it.”


“My healing journey began with chronic insomnia, as people in my work and personal lives were triggering childhood wounds I didn’t know I had and the old coping mechanisms stopped working. My therapist introduced me to Bethany’s blog. For the first time, I realized I wasn’t alone, that others face the same challenges even though the details of our individual stories are different.

Bethany’s coaching helped me see and heal the roots beneath my intermittent people-pleasing and rebellion, behaviors that were damaging my relationships and holding me back from living up to my potential.

Our work together delivered the deep insights and inner child healing I needed most, lifting me to new levels of confidence, sovereignty, and calmness, despite all the uncertainties in the world. Even after we finished our coaching appointments, what Bethany taught me continues to drive my healing journey forward. I can’t recommend enough her personalized, compassionate coaching and the Mother Wound approach.”

Deb P.

“Over the last six months, I’ve really enjoyed having Bethany to talk to about struggles with my mother (rather than that negativity seeping into my relationship) and I feel empowered about how I have moved forward with not only setting boundaries with my mother but activating them!

Bethany has been a real confidence booster by always validating how I’m feeling (including explaining why it makes total sense!); naming what’s going on when I couldn’t put into words why I was feeling ‘wronged’ by someone (usually something related to being shamed); suggesting phrasing for responses during disagreements and thus helping me to find my words in the moment; and reminding me that I don’t need anyone’s permission to be myself because differentiating in order to be authentic is a good thing! More broadly, Bethany has taught me some great mantras (e.g., ‘If it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a hell no!’), which are helping me to choose what I put into my life more carefully. She has also helped me settle into my (almost) daily routine of checking in with Little Emma (and Big Emma), which is keeping me more present, more centered in my power, and regularly pulls me back to what I want for my life.

All of these shifts taken together have put me well on the road to enjoying my life more and living more of my potential. Thanks Bethany!”

Emma, Canada

“I discovered Bethany Webster’s work with the Mother Wound about three years ago. My wish was to heal my Mother Wound. I wanted to be liberated from what felt like a crippling wound that impeded my ability to recognize my authentic self. Equally or more importantly I wanted to prevent furthering this cycle with my daughter.

I purchased her online course, and struggled getting through it on my own. The Q&A calls were extremely helpful and supportive, but when the opportunity arose to work one on one with Bethany I jumped at the opportunity. I would say from the moment I said “yes” I felt the shift.

Bethany is a mirror to the compassionate, loving, nurturing mother that resides within us. She teaches and shows you how to heal that Mother Wound that comes with longing for the validation and connection with our mothers. The alchemy of her presence and mine showing up in the space to honor the inner child who was still confused, blended, or collapsed, fostered my ability to differentiate between all of these parts, and the adult self started to emerge for me.

I was able to learn through the work with Bethany what was occuring, and had occurred. My awareness grew, and magically space within myself started to appear. Bethany not only held the space for me, but championed me, and encouraged me through the painful, oftentimes confusing work. She is loving, generous, thoughtful, and nurturing. Her follow-up emails after each session are valuable documents that I have to refer back to for the rest of my life.

Bethany’s role as a coach is different from that of a therapist. I have been in therapy off and on throughout my life and it isn’t to discount the importance of it, because I believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of therapy. This work is different. She shines a light in that space where our wounded, neglected, and oftentimes blended young self resides, and by bringing or giving her the attention she so deserves it seems as though things magically fall into their rightful place. I was able ( and am still working on ) discerning the adult self from the inner child. It is work, but it is the most rewarding work I have ever done, hands down. The focus on the Mother Wound, and how it shows up in our lives is ever present.

As a mother of two, my first born being my daughter, I felt an URGENCY to do this work. I worked with Bethany for 4 months, and I can say that the effects have been life-changing. I am still astonished by the rapid growth and shift within myself. Prior to working with Bethany I felt crippled by the dynamic with my mother, akin to being caught in a spiderweb. Now, I have space and freedom to coexist with my mother. I have love and compassion for her, for her own Mother Wound, but I don’t feel responsible. My mother is still the same person and we don’t have a deeply intimate connection, but it’s ok because it is what it can be. Meaning I have come to accept that as long as my mother doesn’t tend to her own Mother Wound things will not shift between us in a deep way, but I am ok with that. It is what works for me.

I can now go on with my life and not feel beholden to emotions that used to dictate my nervous system. The relationship that has been most impacted is the relationship to myself.

One of the most exciting aspects of working with Bethany was learning to be intentional with my time. I designated a “ME DAY” It’s a work in progress, but I now hold time with myself sacred and a number one priority. I have learned to uphold boundaries with my time, and that has grounded me and created a sense of safety within myself. If I had to sum it up I would say it in two words, SPACE AND FREEDOM. There is and always will be more work to be done, more layers and more access to oneself.

I recommend Bethany any chance I have. Her dedication to healing the Mother Wound is inspiring, and I am forever grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to work directly with her. If you have the opportunity to work with her, DO NOT HESITATE! It has been the most worthy investment I have made in myself.”

With deep gratitude, love and appreciation for Bethany,


“Working with Bethany was the absolute best decision for me and I couldn’t recommend her more highly! I found her book through a divine act of kindle store recommendation while I was pregnant, sorting through my own relationship to my mother and my inner mother, and going through a true dark night of the soul. I had been so lost in feelings and challenges for so long and her book was a light in the dark. When I looked her up to see how I could get more involved, it felt too good to be true that she offered 1-1 coaching.

Throughout our 6 or so months working together she helped me turn dynamics that truly kept me up at night and in deep pain into ones that helped me feel stronger, more whole and more fulfilled. She holds space in such a gentle yet strong way, and being supported by her is a lesson within itself about the power of the inner mother. If you are feeling called to work with her, I definitely recommend it!”

Nina B.

“Dear Bethany,

I’m writing today to say thank you. Thank you for your presence in my life. The work that you do captivated me almost instantly and my connection to you has changed my life forever.

Thank you for being the incredible role model that I had been so desperately looking for my whole life. I remember very distinctly how hopeless I felt as a young girl knowing (even at that tender age) that my job as my mother’s keeper would be the only thing that mattered in my life if I wanted to feel safe. I went on living the rest of my life in a completely enmeshed and codependent relationship with my mother. I always knew things weren’t quite right but I persevered and kept going like the very courageous young woman that I was.

I thought it was my job to complete my mother, to fix her, to make her feel better, to be her #1 support, to be available to her and to make her the #1 priority in my life. This pattern of extreme caretaking eventually broke me and I knew I couldn’t live this way anymore. My role as my mother’s keeper was killing me, suffocating me, depleting me and making me physically ill.

At 40 years old I began suffering from signs of MS and I was acutely aware that my mothers rigid and harsh demands as well as my extreme need to be her keeper, was not working anymore. I began slowly paying attention to what I wanted and needed. I began ever so slowly setting incredibly small boundaries but what I noticed was that my wanting changes were not well received by my mother and perceived by her as very selfish. The extreme guilt I felt would cause me to back down, to keep the peace and avoid conflict.

Our relationship continued this way until September 2020, when thank goodness the little voice in the pit of my soul was crying louder than the crazy voices inside my head. For the first time in my life I created distance between my mother. I began to feel inspired to truly create a lasting change in my life and at the age 50, it certainly was time for me. I worked with another coach online who helped me start solidifying that I wasn’t crazy and that boundaries were absolutely necessary. This work began opening doors to the possibility of a renewed life ahead, a life that I knew I wanted to live.

I began recognizing and acknowledging deep patterns of fear, shame, abandonment and resistance as they related to my relationship with my mother but my vulnerability remained safe in a deep dark place at the core of my being. I felt like the me I was searching for was separate from the person I thought I was.

Bethany, the day I stumbled upon your instagram post about the Mother Wound was no accident. I was indeed ready to see the truth and it resonated so profoundly. For the first time in my life, after reading your post, I felt seen, heard and validated. The truth soaked through my body like never before. It took some time to face the guilt of looking at my mother and the deep patterns of toxicity that were woven between us.

I signed up to work with you as my coach and my life began to change. As I became more aware, I was able to slowly shift my thoughts, acknowledge my beliefs and how they came to be. In the process of unraveling myself from my mothers web I began to feel free. I was able to start trusting myself and taking care of my deepest, darkest fears, insecurities, shame and self-judgement by creating a safe space to be own mother. Rescuing my inner child from that deep dark place at the core of my being allowed me to begin feeling again. I began to slowly release both the pain of my past and the unhealthy attachment to my mother. This process will forever be the most difficult and it will to be ongoing as my inner child continues to learn to trust the inner mother in me as her fierce protector.

I have been no contact with my mom for almost 4 months. I remember you strongly encouraging me to go no contact and I couldn’t imagine my life without the toxicity of my mom in it. I can see now that it’s been the best decision of my life. It allowed me the space to begin truly healing my broken parts. I am able to sit in the pain, the sadness, the anger, the fear and allow my vulnerability and the deepest most precious parts of me reveal themselves because I am worthy of mothering myself. I feel courageous and incredibly proud of rescuing ME during what I thought was the darkest time in my life.

The work that you teach Bethany will be ongoing and part of my life for the rest of my life. It is a very slow and delicate process that requires my tender loving care, my openness, my integrity, my commitment and my totally being ok with where I am right here, right now. I know I am always exactly where I am meant to be. I was meant to be more than a daughter in this lifetime and it was never my job to be my mothers keeper.

The absolute most challenging part of healing my Mother Wound has been the letting go of the “impossible dream”. What a dream it has been! This continues to be a work in progress. What I know for sure is that I tried my best and I have been the most amazing daughter to a mother who doesn’t see me or hear me or validate me and I’m learning everyday the art of doing that for myself.

I will continue to show up for myself and do this deep internal work of excavating my trauma as it builds my self-confidence, resilience, self-awareness. I am feeling so much safer in my body and I am prioritizing ME first. I am noticing the “self-sabotage” vacating my body. I am learning to master my best self, the me who was always here, the me who always mattered. I was a beautiful young child when I chose to abandon myself and tuck myself away to keep ME safe.

In the end, it has never been my job to be my mother’s keeper, a very heavy, challenging and scary burden to take on as a child. I am my own keeper, I am safe now and I am worthy. I am worthy of all that this life has to offer before I was made to believe otherwise. I will stumble and I will trust myself to continue on this beautiful journey of rediscovery because in the end, it is about me. It’s always been about me coming back to me.♥️

I am incredibly grateful for you Bethany and the gift of life and love that you have shared with me. What a beautiful human you are.

Much Love,


“I had been struggling with my relationship with my mother for several years. I was not making any tangible progress. After reading Bethany’s book: “Discovering the Inner Mother” and listening to her 2-weekly Q&A sessions for several months, I decided to contact Bethany for regular sessions, primarily to help me progress my relationship with my mother, one way or another as I wanted to achieve peace within myself.

Bethany coached me in this process for 1 year. I made significant progress. After nearly 5 years of no contact with my mother (1932), I found a way of being in a relationship with her, drawing boundaries, not allowing myself or my mother to get drawn into negative patterns. I found my own space in this relationship. My negative emotions towards my mother and the harm caused by her (dys)functional behaviours have settled. I have created new, more functional patterns in my relationship with her. I have no more need to demand her to change. I manage myself and my own emotions in this relationship. Bethany also coached me on improving my sense of self-worth.

In the past year, I have grown to be more settled within myself. I am a stronger person, also in my relationships. I manage my boundaries better. I have improved my awareness of thoughts and emotions and self-management skills. The quality of my core relationships have improved.

Bethany is very dedicated to her work. She shows up in the sessions by always being on time, by being well prepared, respectful and compassionate and in a positive and energetic state of mind. After every session, within a few days, Bethany emails a very useful and accurate summary of the session with all the main points to support the learning process. I have been impressed with Bethany’s dedication to her work. It was a true pleasure to work with her.

For all women struggling with issues such as a lack of self-worth, codependency, a difficult relationship with mother and others and a desire to grow as a person and as a woman, I highly recommend Bethany as a very capable and dedicated coach on this personal journey of growth.”

Carin B. (London)

“I had been engaging with Bethany’s work over the past few years and had found it so enriching and helpful. I was aware that she had a personal coaching program and it was a dream for some time to be able to do this for myself but I somehow didn’t think my life was “big enough”, important enough or worthy enough. Then one day she sent out an email advising that she had some spots available and I just jumped at it. I was so excited, for me doing this work with Bethany was an absolute dream come true. It met all my expectations and changed my life immeasurably. I truly think it was one of the best things I have ever done. I came into the work with Bethany with some areas of deep confusion and through the work with her, I developed clarity, calm, confidence and went on to make some massive changes that I’m sure I couldn’t have made without Bethany’s input. I feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to do this truly life changing work. I recommend her program wholeheartedly, it is an amazing adventure you won’t regret!”

Thanks again, Bethany!
Madeleine, Australia

“The Emergence Program has been like a pilgrimage home to myself, and now from this place I am more creative, confident, and expressive than ever as a woman leader. Each session has been a new journey of discovery within myself. I love the free flowing format of the sessions and Bethany’s transformative enquiries, which really have taken me to the roots of what needed healing and transformation. I feel inspired by Bethany and grateful for the transformative space she is creating for women worldwide. I want to take this opportunity to encourage women who feel called by the content of the Emergence Program to go for it!”

Helene Guldborg, United Nations on women and girls’ Rights and Empowerment

“Working with Bethany was for me a significant step in deepening my understanding of how the Mother Wound has held me back. Bethany as a coach is there with you at every step on your journey. With her laser clear insights, experience and kindness, she focuses on you and enables you to grow faster than if you just worked on your own.
It is more than just the mother, you realize that women hold culture and traditions and hence for us to accelerate the evolution of women and the world really, we need to dig deeply into our relationship to our mothers and heal the wound and learn the new habits.”

Kristin Engvig, Switzerland

“This year of working with Bethany has been truly transformational for me. I had previously engaged in a lot of self-development work over several years, so was already aware of what triggered me and had some understanding of how this linked to patterns from my childhood. However, through this coaching program with Bethany I have been able to take my level of understanding to a whole new level. More importantly, I now have new ways of managing myself when faced with situations that play into my habitual patterns and behaviours related to beliefs formed in childhood in relation to my relationship with my mother. As a result, I’ve made such big shifts that feel very sustainable and will take me to a new level of what I can achieve in work and life generally. Bethany is incredibly insightful and understanding, like she knew my inner world. She was able to help me understand how my present day struggles link to my childhood, and helped me identify what I need to do to let go and release myself from the past, and she supported and encouraged me as I did so. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready to take the next step in healing their Mother Wound.”

Sue G,. UK

“I came across Bethany’s work while being pregnant with my daughter. The Mother Wound spoke to my heart in deep ways. I had never seen all this from this specific angle before even though I had done a lot of work on my female lineage, family and myself. I had to do the online program the last eight weeks before giving birth. After all I had asked the universe for another child on the condition that I wouldn’t pass over to her the heavy intergenerational loads I received from those before me. I went really deep always exploring the dynamics of my relationship to my mother. Despite my biggest fears I even went no contact with her during the program. I gave birth in the most natural, empowering way. Even in my dreams I hadn’t desired it this way. It was the best confirmation I was right on track. Since then, all summer I was free now to witness the true dynamics of that relationship and how I had adapted to all sorts of dysfunctional patterns. In September I decided to do the three month coaching program with Bethany. I have no early memories so my only map was my everyday interactions, especially those with my husband and older son. I saw my projections and fears on both of them. When and how they trigger me and how this related to my early wounds. Bethany’s support, witnessing, powerful questioning and brilliant intuition were priceless. I felt safe and seen and loved deeply from a healthy place, from another human heart. I grieved a lot big chunks of pain, powerlessness and desperation. I realized all my searching and existential quest, even my spirituality, were so that I would finally reunite with my inner child in a deep, sustainable, solid way. All this time I was looking for that innocent part of me I had abandoned a long time ago. I started being my own mother and giving myself all that I terribly missed since a child. Although I still get triggered my relationship with my husband has gone to another level. I know when I go in wound territory and he no longer takes things personally. My son recently decided he no longer needs his doudou for sleeping. I take this as a good sign of him growing up healthily. With Bethany’s help and loving presence I have found the courage and strength to cross my defense mechanisms and reach more joyful and abundant territories. I still get triggered but I am much better equipped to handle it. This work is fundamental stuff. It affects every single aspect of life. Bethany I am deeply grateful our paths have crossed in such a taboo territory with so much love.”

Ioanna, France

“Some months before I came across Bethany’s website, I had a big falling out with my mother. For years and years I had felt so trapped in guilt and tension in my relationship with her that when I turned 50, I decided I wasn’t going to let it dominate my life anymore.I had already done my bit in therapy and trainings, working as a meditation teacher and coach myself in the last 8 years, living a happy life. Except that I still struggled with my mother. I tried it all: keeping my distance, said no when I meant no, I even stayed away for a year. It didn’t work. So finally I confronted her with her negative, being-the-victim behavior which led, as Bethany described in one of her blogposts, to a “mother tantrum”: violence and aggression coming out without mercy. After this, I knew there was no way back; I needed to get out of this destructive bond. The moment I read Bethany’s blog I knew she was the one to help me do it. It was like recognizing my story in everything she wrote, at the same time offering deep, clear insights in the whole mechanism that had kept me imprisoned for so long. I signed in for the Brilliance Program and plunged in. For months I daily spend some hours on the program, working my way through my past, through dark layers of fear and hurt. It was heavy and emotional, but also like coming home. The Skype sessions with Bethany were like shiny gems, full of support, clarity and humor. I remember the most important thing for me in the beginning was the validation of my pain; I had a right to feel hurt! Slowly I found my own ground, slowly my frozen inner child melted and came alive. I came to understand how guilt had kept me away from my own suffering and truth. I was amazed at how confidence and strength flowed naturally into these melted places. Although I had a successful singing career, made visual art and recently work as a teacher and writer, I have always struggled with feeling small when expressing myself, ashamed of coming forward. Now that the Mother Wound is healing, I feel my natural confidence is coming back, urging me to speak my truth in an unapologetic way. My work is becoming more successful and expanding in ways I couldn’t have predicted. That feels so good! I still have moments of deep sadness, mourning the loss of mother. But they do not confuse me as they used to. I feel like I have come home in my own being, including the painful scars as well as amazing lightness. I would strongly recommend Bethany’s coaching program to every woman. What a profound, ground-breaking work! And how lucky we are to have such a brilliant pioneer offering us a new vision on how to become more free, authentic and powerful as women. I feel deeply inspired and grateful to be part of this evolutionary step.”

Esther Teule, Meditation teacher at, Netherlands

“Bethany’s healing work is transformational. It is deep. It is powerful. It has shifted my life in such huge and sustaining ways that I will be forever grateful. Please bless yourself with the ability to heal and to work with Bethany! Before coaching with Bethany, I was not able to separate emotions from the Mother Wound from the present situation. It felt one and the same. Now, I am able to connect to my inner child and discover what she is feeling and how I am projecting it into the here and now.
My relationship with my husband has become much more intimate and compassionate. By sharing what I have learned with him, he has become aware of how he had been subconsciously contributing to the patriarchal attitude that kept a divide in our relationship.
I am able to be fully present more often with my 5 year old daughter. Before the course, I was an empty shell with next to nothing left to offer her. Now that I have learned how to validate my experience and emotions, I can do this for her as well. Bethany, I feel like all of my prayers for healing have been beautifully wrapped up in you and your work! Thank you!”

Ashley, U.S.

“Bethany Webster’s coaching program is astounding! More than that, every woman, mother or not, NEEDS to take her program. I have spent most of my life trying to identify the source of my lack of confidence, dissatisfaction and discontent. Thanks to Bethany, the unconscious road blocks I had created that impeded my happiness in order to please my mother (which were directly unconsciously counter to pleasing myself) are now visible and tangible, I am able to see them and to concentrate on breaking them down. Bethany gave me the clarity, support and tools with which to begin to unfetter myself. 57 years of slavery to a myth – that I would never be good enough unless I did what everyone else wanted. Her knowledge of the need for support and follow through, her expertise in navigating the dark places and her sweet, open enthusiasm carried my across the border of “Mother over me” into “me, with love” – and Bethany gives her abundant love to those who work with her. This coaching program will shake you to your bones and empower you beyond your imagining. Getting rid of the pattern that keep all women fractured, undervalued and used is the best gift imaginable and Bethany Webster has put together a working process that will indeed free you to be your true and splendid self as a woman. I daily recommend her work to any woman I come across!”

Marcella Matthei, Florida 

“When I was about to give birth for the second time, it became very evident to me that I needed to heal my relationship with my mother so I could give my kids unconditional love and respect. I had a dream where I expressed my concern to my meditation teacher, and she said to me that she would take care of that, but she needed to find the right way. Two months later I came across the article “why it’s important to heal the Mother Wound” and I knew that was the answer to my prayers. It was as if Bethany had just put words to my feelings, my needs and my experience on the Mother Wound. I felt great energy inside, great relief and hope. I had done a lot of work on my past but it was never so focused and clear and specific on healing the Mother Wound. I used to think that healing the Mother Wound was completely impossible and that I needed to accept living with that deep pain forever. So I was very excited and totally committed to going through this program. The course is structured in a very smooth way that allows you to dig deep and contemplate very thoroughly your history, your memories, your relationships; and look into your childhood with an adult eye; and as an adult who is there to protect and love that child. Each module has wonderful information to make it clear and easy, to support you in the process and bring light to the hurting parts of your soul, and is structured as a clear path that you walk at your own rhythm. Adding to that, the coaching program with Bethany is amazing. Bethany is a great listener, she has incredible kindness. I always felt heard, accepted and supported. Her personal presence helped me to reinforce my commitment with the program. She guided me through the darkness, helped me to hear myself, to see and validate my feelings, and always added knowledge and good advice on how to deal with situations with feelings and patterns, as well as gave me action points to break through to nurture myself and to take care of my inner child. The process through the course brings up a lot of pain, but it happens in a safe environment. Bethany was a great support and the Facebook group helps a lot! It is great to hear other points of view, other stories and it surprised me to see how many women had my mother!!! The group sometimes brings company, consolation, and lots of humor too. The live Q&A sessions are very intimate and helped me express doubts and fears, always received a lot of love, guidance and support from the hearts of great women! The Mother Wound course offers you the possibility to breakthrough and to understand and believe that you don’t have to live with that pain, that you can actually heal the Mother Wound and live the life that you choose. I learned to set limits that I would have never imagine possible. I learned to hear myself, honor my needs and conceive myself as a complete person without needing the approval of my family and cultural stereotypes. I feel at ease and happy to make my own choices. The world of possibilities opened up, my creativity realized, and the joy to be a mother totally exploded. All my relationships have changed because I changed my relationship with myself. Still on the path, but with great tools to help me, a lot of transformation has already happened and a lot of strength inside. I think the knowledge and path that Bethany offers in this course is a SPIRITUAL TREASURE, very powerful and full of light that will help to HEAL humankind, and expand consciousness. It’s an honor to have received it. Thank you.”

Mariana, Mexico

“I just completed the 6-month Healing the Mother Wound coaching program with Bethany and I have to say it has been THE MOST TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAM I have ever done… and believe me I have been on a healing journey for decades and have done MANY, MANY programs. I was looking for a way to reconnect and heal my troubled relationship with my mom, who was recently re-diagnoseed with State IV cacncer and I was referred to Bethany’s website by a nurse. I immediately connected with what Bethany had to say and signed up for her Holiday Survival Webinar; shortly thereafter I booked a free session and chose to sign up for the 6-month program, as I wanted to see and feel lasting changes. Well, I have! I came to the course feeling depressed, exhausted, and angry for being my mom’s caretaker and a little pleaser from the age of 2, emotionally abused, feeling like I didn’t count, manipulated; and also suffered from a debilitating spider phobia (that turns out was also connected to my mother and others that behaved just like her). In the end I was caretaker-ed out!!!! Bethany really listened and zeroed in on my underlying feelings and triggers and provided concrete steps for me to take between coaching calls that really made a difference. She provided meticulous detailed follow-up notes and a recording of the call within a day or two of each coaching call summarizing what we discussed together with an action plan. These notes and recordings proved to be invaluable to me and I often went back to review them. The pre-call updates allowed me to become laser focused on what I’ve been clearing (celebrating) and letting go of so that our sessions had a real depth to them. The VIP DAY proved to be transformational for me! I feel the 5 hours we spent together released a lifetime of pain and suffering of being the Good Girl, and The Pleaser! It was Magical! Today I AM a different person and feel an inner strength where I no longer run from confrontation but instead say, “Bring it on!” I speak my TRUTH more easily with NO EXPECTIONS, using the word NO without explanation. I am more grounded and have more sustainable energy and choose to do a variety of work-outs 6 days a week that are PLEASURABLE. My relationship with my husband is much stronger, loving, intimate, open and honest. As a blended family for almost 24 years, this is the first time where I feel we can talk about kids without triggering each other and there seems to be a new level of respect and trust between us. I find myself living more CONSCIOUSLY where I am learning to FEEL and ACCEPT my FEELINGS! Eating and Living with more PLEASURE! I also overcame my spider phobia where I would become paralyzed with fear and often had night terrors. Most important, I was able to make PEACE with my Mother before her passing in April. I spent a magical time with her where I was able to BE ME for the first time and felt comfortable in my own skin around her. I really got to a place of acceptance and understanding of my role in our family and the incredible person I became as a result of my choices as a child! Thank you Bethany, for creating this body of work and for BEing the loving, supportive BEing that you are and for providing such a safe environment to heal! I highly recommend this course to anyone! With love, light, grace and so much gratitude,”

Darcel de Sylva, ON, Canada

“I have had incomprehensible struggles throughout my life and have been in and out of counseling since I was 13. Throughout all those years, I met and worked with some fabulous people who really helped me and have slowly processed through things like sexual abuse, rape, my brother dying, an alcoholic and drug addicted father and countless other atrocities that no one should have to go through. The crazy thing was that through all of it, my mother repeatedly told me my struggles were due to my father. I believed her, because she was the only thing I had. I forgave her over and over again for how she treated me because she was my mother and she was all I had. I always felt something deep inside needed to come out, something that I dare not look at because it would shake the only foundation I ever had in my life, my mother. And then a good friend forwarded me an article written by Bethany. I read the article over and over again, it called to me, it spoke to a place deep in my soul that was untouched and forbidden. An ache rose from the depths of my soul and called to me, pushed me to reach out to Bethany, it was time. I knew it was time to uncover that which I buried and I knew that Bethany was just the person to guide me on my journey. From the first time I spoke to Bethany, it felt like she climbed inside my heart and filled it full of warmth and love. I felt like she knew everything I was feeling without even saying a word. Her program guided me with tremendous force, exposing deep dark secrets into my thoughts, my feelings that I never felt safe to express before, not even to myself. I say force, because I went into the program committed to transforming my thoughts and my actions. I gave myself full permission to feel, to cry, to be mad, to let go and to put it all on the table. I knew that it was not going to be easy, but I knew at the end, it would be worth it. It wasn’t easy, those first couple of months tore my heart out and left it raw and open and vulnerable… I dredged up the darkest details of the most horrendous betrayals… seeing the full impact of everything that was done to me… and everything I had done to myself as a result. It shook me to my core… destroyed all my beliefs… suddenly, I could see clearly… suddenly I could recognize the full impact on my life. Suddenly, things started to make sense. Why I would overeat, why I was not present with my kids, why I was not present with my friends, why I was so hard on myself for the silliest of things, why I was a perfectionist to the nth degree. Oh my god, did I get mad and sad and back again. And then, after exhaustion through the tears and anger, the real transformation began, somehow things started falling into the right place in my emotional body. I felt different than before, I felt things changing on a molecular level, like somehow things were being set right, how they should have been the whole time. I started seeing things differently and started acting differently. This might sound really weird, but all of sudden I felt like I was a grown up. Like I could respond to life like a “normal” grown up, instead of through the heart of a wounded child. And through it all Bethany was beside me, guiding me through the fear, the resentment and the sadness. The whole time in the program, I would do a section, then process my feelings through journaling, and I would start thinking differently and start questioning things, and then Bethany would have another set of exercises that were exactly in line with where my thinking was. It truly was amazing, for Bethany to have that level of intuition and to have prepared the program in such a way that it naturally flows with how your soul needs to heal, it was just incredible. Bethany gave me a tremendous gift. She gave me presence and the ability to feel my life. The work that she does is so incredible and the way that she touches your heart is breathtaking. I was ready and ripe for the work that I needed to do and Bethany was there when I need her to be and I will forever be grateful to her for what she has given me.
Thank you Bethany!!!”

Charlie Cardin

“I began the work of healing my wounds about 12 years ago in my late 30s, the wounds from my troubled relationship with my mother who became an alcoholic when I was 9 years old. Two years into this healing work, my mother passed away. I could finally breathe freely with no tension, no looming dark cloud over my life and my mind at ease. Her passing was a relief. I expressed this selectively to others, and felt it deeply within myself. The healing work I was committed to then sped up, uninhibited.

In the year I reached out to Bethany I was conscious that while my life was satisfactory, particularly my intimate and professional life, there was some clearing I needed to do in order to firmly launch myself into my life’s purpose. I was sabotaging this trajectory, and needed to know why.

I had a year’s coaching experience with Bethany. I was fully committed to it because each fortnight in my 45 minutes with Bethany, I uncovered, with her guidance, layers of falsehoods about myself that I had imbibed from my mother and my continued belief that that was truly me. As the layers peeled away my life became richer. My intimate relationship deepened, my relationships with family members became lighter and full of play! In my professional life I was heard and recognised for my contributions. In my playwrighting, I became bolder and continue to pursue success in this field. At the same time, I relieved myself of activities and pursuits no longer in alignment with this lighter, playful, joyful, real me.

Now, 4 months after my year of coaching with Bethany, I continue with the healing pathway and language that my little Ray draws love and understanding from. Paradoxically, while I am enjoying the benefits of professional recognition and my ever increasing confidence, I am slowing down efforts to excel in various working adventures because I’ve been able to make the distinction between what I do because my soul is compelled by love, and between what I do out of fear. Boundaries are stronger, clarity is achieved and the energy I spend day to day is in service of my soul’s impulses. I feel deeply nourished within, insanely happy and even more playful, and peaceful. My intimate relationship keeps travelling into depths I didn’t know we could achieve, and more poignant for the shock of my partner’s recently diagnosed heart condition. We have discovered a depth of love that moves the heavens, literally. And when I think of my mother, I still say “you piss me off and you’re a pain in the arse and you were fucking awful” but without emotion. I’ve left her in the dirt, so to speak.

This coaching work with Bethany is life-changing. I recommend this journey wholeheartedly.”


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