The Menstruality Podcast features inspiring conversations with pioneers and creatives who are putting menstrual cycle awareness and conscious menopause at the heart of life.

The Menstruality Podcast podcast description:

We’re welcoming back Bethany Webster, the author of “Discovering The Inner Mother”. She’s considered to be the global expert on healing the “Mother Wound” – something we all inherit to varying degrees living in a patriarchal society. Bethany was a guest at our Wise Power Retreat, where she spoke about healing the Mother Wound during menopause. In our conversation today, we look at the Mother Wound through a menstrual cycle awareness lens, exploring how it shows up throughout our inner seasons, and how each phase of the cycle can support specific aspects of healing.

  • Why it’s so hard for us to take care of ourselves, the role the Mother Wound plays in this, and how inner spring (pre-ovulation) teaches us to mother ourselves and build trust with our inner child.
  • What we learned from our mothers about whether it’s ok to shine and how inner summer (ovulation) can help us unravel our capacity to be seen and loved for who we really are.
  • The power of boundaries when it comes to healing the Mother Wound, and how our premenstrual power can support us to claim the honest truth about our limits and what we need.

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