This roundtable is for every woman founder who wants to take part in an honest, unguarded conversation about shaping a holistic, ambitious and threat-resilient company in an economy built for men.

We explored:

  • How this lack of safety shows up in business
  • The negative impacts on our ability to fulfill our potential as women entrepreneurs
  • Real-life examples of personal encounters and experiences that will help you identify challenges in your own business
  • The hidden cultural assumptions holding you back from achieving your full potential
  • Solutions that will achieve sustainable, lasting results for your business

How Patriarchy Threatens Women’s Safety in Business by SAFI MEDIA description:

Bethany Webster is considered the global expert on healing the “Mother Wound,” something we inherit to varying degrees as women living in a patriarchy – and was the first to bring the term Mother Wound® into the mainstream conversation through her popular blog in 2014. Bethany teaches women how to discover an “Inner Mother” so that they can grow and emerge as their full selves. Learn more at her website:

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