Despite moms being important figures in our life, some are better than others, and Bethany explores the Mother Wound and the complicated relationship daughters have with them. How then do we acknowledge the Mother Wound? For Bethany, some of the first steps that a person can take are to reflect on the problems in one’s relationship with their mom. For many women, it’s about being able to be authentic; feeling the need to be smaller or less real to protect them in some way. Another step to take is to explore what irks you about your relationship with your mom and how that plays out in real-time. An important question to also ask yourself is that if you could have it any way you wanted, how would you interact with her? What would that relationship be like and how would it be different?

Bethany Webster is a writer, international speaker, and transformational coach. She started blogging in 2013 about the Mother Wound and quickly experienced worldwide demand for her work. Through blending research on intergenerational trauma, feminist theory, and psychology with her own personal story, Bethany’s work is the result of decades of research and her own journey of healing. Bethany speaks, consults and mentors around the world sharing her growing body of work that is raising the standard of women’s leadership and personal development. Learn more at

What we discuss:

01:09 – Introducing Bethany

02:16 – The Path of Exploring the Mother Wound

17:09 – Bethany’s Journey with the Mother Wound

20:51 – The True Parents and Creators of Reality

26:59 – Addressing the Mother Wound

35:49 – Mothering Ourselves

39:36 – Making Yourself Small

49:01 – Parenting Your Inner Little Girl

1:03:10 – Support for Women

1:06:28 – Bethany in Behalf of the Divine Mother

1:08:50 – Where to Find Bethany

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