Bethany Webster is a global expert on healing the “Mother Wound,” something K+L have been intimately working with for a while now. It’s the source of so much trauma in our lives, with generation after generation of mothers passing along the damaging beliefs embedded into them by the patriarchy and their parents. But Bethany helps women heal this core wound by teaching them how to discover and tap into their “Inner Mother.” The Mother Wound feeds into all areas of our life, from our diets to our interactions with other women to our own self-worth. It’s foundational to the way we interact with the world. How incredible would it be, then, to change it for the better? Way better.

We also talk about:

  • Where Bethany discovered the Mother Wound
  • How the Mother Wound impacts and shows up in women’s lives
  • Defining the patriarchy and how to dismantle it within ourselves
  • The female empowerment industrial complex
  • Setting up purposeful boundaries
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