During this episode, we discuss our cultural inheritance as women as being ‘less than’ men and how this manifests personally, culturally, spiritually, and at the planetary level.

“Our cultural inheritance is as women — we get this message from birth that ‘we are less than’ which gets reinforced in so many ways. It’s filtered through the family, school, church and everywhere, it’s baked into society.” – Bethany Webster

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • We explore our ‘cultural inheritance’ as women and the ‘mother wound’
  • Discover the four levels we find the “mother wound” manifesting at
  • How the ‘mother wound’ feeds into the roles women play of people-pleasing, approval-seeking, and overachieving.
  • Why there may be a reluctance to look at the ‘mother wound’ and do the internal work.
  • Why we have a cultural responsibility to do the ‘inner work’ as women.
  • How your ‘inner mother’ can help you.
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