Has your relationship with your mother changed since becoming a mother? Author, international speaker, and transformation coach Bethany Webster has been here with us before to talk about the mother wound, and it really resonated with my community. So many people had questions about Bethany’s work, she’s back today to answer audience-submitted questions. And as a special surprise, we’ll end with how to get a free offering if you feel you need additional resources.

Episode 57 is almost a prerequisite for this, but for anyone who may have missed it, “The mother wound is the fact that we as women have lived in a patriarchal society all of our lives,” Bethany said. “The patriarchy is a backdrop to how the mother wound shows up.”

She went on to explain that, “The mother wound is how we internalize our mother’s trauma or internalized oppression. So, we don’t just bond with our moms but also her trauma and limiting beliefs.” Sometimes in this situation, the mom is trying to protect her daughter, but the mother wound goes across a whole spectrum with mothers and daughters who have great relationships all the way to mothers who are abusive of their daughters.

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