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We Can’t Save Our Mothers from their Pain

Women’s capacity for empathy has been exploited in our culture; distorted into guilt, a sense of obligation, emotional care-taking, co-dependency and self-recrimination. These distortions can paralyze us when we feel […]

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The Unlived Life of the Mother: The More the Inner Child Heals the More Confident the Woman Becomes

To become truly empowered, a woman must make the radical shift from identification with her mother to identification with her own true self.  There is a lie of staggering proportions […]

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Intimacy, the Inner Mother and the Awakened Masculine

All relationships begin and end in separation, except for the relationship with our mothers, which began in a unity; in a fused identity. Whatever deficits we felt in that primary […]

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Parentified Daughters as Female Leaders: Keys to your Emergence

One of the many manifestations of the Mother Wound is the pattern of the “parentified daughter.” A simple definition of a parentified daughter is when a daughter plays the role […]

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Your Hunger is Holy

As women we have been taught to fear our hunger. We have learned to fight it, to diminish it and to be disgusted by it. Our hunger is real and […]

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The Great Taboo: Patriarchy Begins at Home

There’s a reason why it’s been really hard for us to find solutions to our current global challenges. There’s a reason why feminism, with all its gains, has made only […]

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When Loyalty to Our Mothers means Loyalty to Our Oppression: How to Break Free

All children are loyal to their mothers. They need her to survive. The more stressed a mother is, the less she can be emotionally present for her child. To the […]

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The “MONEY wound” in the Mother Wound

Many women feel ambivalent about money and financial success because it brings up issues related to emotional safety, survival, self-worth and the act of receiving. Issues that go back to […]

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