While traveling recently I noticed something interesting about boarding airplanes. When the first announcement is made of which seats on the plane may be boarded, people anxiously rush to the entrance to the gate, even if their seat number has not yet been called for boarding.

What struck me as fascinating is that everyone already has an assigned seat on the airplane. There is actually no need to rush or become anxious because there is a seat with each person’s name on it waiting for them. While the feeling of scarcity may be experienced, in reality, there is enough for everyone; a place for everyone on the plane.

This got me wondering about how this pattern may show up in other areas of our lives; areas in which we are conditioned to see or expect scarcity, when in fact there is abundance.

You have an “assigned seat” in life, a place or role that only YOU can fill. 

There is no competition for the seat that only you are meant to fill in this world. The abundance that we are seeking is with us all the time. “Claiming your seat” in life is the art of discovering your unique passion and manifesting it outwardly in a way which sets you on fire with joy! Desire is a divine impulse–it shows us we are ready to experience more growth and aliveness, to know more about who we really are.

Know this: You have everything within you to create everything you desire and more. There are no limits.

It IS possible to live in alignment and devotion to that which is your deepest passion. In fact, it is your birthright. When you live according to your most authentic impulses, it benefits not only yourself, but everyone else in your life! You radiate abundance to others because you have found it within yourself. Everything else that comes to you is a bonus.

Only you can give yourself permission to receive what you want.

Awakening to our gifts often happens in the places we think last to look. Beliefs often hold us back; beliefs such as: ‘That’s too easy (or too hard),’ ‘I’m not good enough,’ or ‘I have to finish x,y,z before I can do what I really want’, etc. It seems we are so accustomed to scarcity that we often give up before we even start. We may not want to tap into those feelings of excitement and aliveness for fear of being disappointed.

No matter the outer form of what we desire, the essence of what we want is the peace of having no desires at all; the peace of being fulfilled and complete. This is always available now in the form of our own Beingness.

Whatever we create from this place of Beingness will serve all Life.

What is yours cannot be taken.

Your greatest and most precious “thing” is your very own Beingness. It can never be taken, stolen, or harmed. That is because it is not a “thing” at all, it is the essence of who you ARE and the source of all love. You can only BE this.

The essence of anything you desire is always available to you now in this moment. For example, if you wanted a new house, what are you hoping that would that bring into your life? Perhaps inner peace, love, joy? Those things are all available to you now in this moment. No matter what else is going on in your life, you can call upon these qualities and experience them within yourself. And in doing so, you become magnetic to outer experiences and objects that reflect those qualities back to you.

I am what I desire.

Women have been taught that there is scarcity–a scarcity of good partners, scarcity of career opportunities, lack of time to do what you really want to do, etc. This seems to be reflected and reinforced in almost every facet of society. It’s time we questioned this basic assumption of scarcity.

We are much more powerful than we ever imagined—and the universe is more responsive to us than we think. 

Usually the level to which we are able to experience our full power and lack of limitations is in direct proportion to the degree that we have subtracted from our lives those things that have kept us trapped in a lower level of vibration. This can be in the form of thoughts, beliefs, attachments, and wounds that keep us feeling stuck and disempowered.

You are the Source.

After years of removing layers upon layers of illusions and limiting beliefs, I’ve come to realize that I am the still point–the vast, organizing principal that creates whatever appears in my life according to my level of consciousness in any given moment. We are all, at our core, this still point. We are powerful beyond measure.

What do you want to create?

Each of us is our own world, experiencing exactly the people, circumstances and experiences that serve us in our awakening and evolution. When truly lived with this understanding, life becomes very magical, exciting and ultimately, very safe. You know that everything you experience is for your empowerment and so it is easier to look at everything that comes into your life with openness, curiosity and courage. It becomes fun to take risks with what is possible to create, to expand into new areas and easier to launch into the unknown without fear.

When you know that you already are everything you desire, life becomes a love affair with yourself in different forms. Every experience is a welcoming, a homecoming into the infinite spaciousness that you are.

To shift your consciousness is to transform your experience of life.

Part of the decision to create what you want is to be commit to a deeper, more intimate relationship with yourself. Your primary loyalty is to follow only the inner promptings that point you in the direction of your excitement, joy and meaning. A new inner trust develops, a trust in what you can sense, feel and know within your own Being. You know that you are the authority on your experience. You realize that you are the source of all goodness in your life. This becomes the most delicious thing of all!

You can have what you want.

What is it that you truly want? Truly, deeply, completely? What is holding you back from believing that you can have it? That you deserve it? Consider that perhaps it is already yours, just waiting for you to claim it.

Claim it now. Go Big!

You don’t have to ask for permission. You don’t have to wait for anyone else to tell you that it is possible or that it is okay for you to have it.

Clarify what it is you want and decide you will have it. Not by struggling or striving for it, but by fully being it.

Art credit: my photo from Smith College Botanical Garden