How can we embody the divine feminine if we have not faced the reality of our relationships with our mothers? If we have not faced and healed our Mother Wound?

The Mother Wound is an initiation into the power of the divine feminine.

Once worked through, the Mother Wound transforms from a source of pain into a source of wisdom that serves not only ourselves but the world, and life itself.

The Mother Wound touches all areas of our lives because that relationship was the basis for our relationships to ourselves, to others and to life. Issues of wounding are tied to lost opportunities for dealing with feelings and therefore to our inability to have empathy for others and ourselves. The defenses which once protected us in childhood become barriers in adulthood, preventing us from finding deeper fulfillment and intimacy in our lives.
~Eleanor D. Payson

To heal the Mother Wound we must validate and empathize with the true nature of our wounding.

We must break taboos that insist we remain in denial of the truth of our feelings. 

No matter what the events or outer situations of our childhood were that caused the original wounding, the deeper core wound is always the same: the lack of opportunity to deal with our natural, emotional reactions ABOUT painful situations and events. Because we live in a patriarchal culture, it is the cultural norm to deny our emotions, and as children, we may have had no choice but to shut down our feelings. Consequently, as adults, we are at the mercy of defenses that cut us off from our aliveness, our truth, and our innate wholeness.

It is a paradox that by entering the wound, we discover that which can never be wounded.  

The opportunity within the Mother Wound is to awaken to our true identity–to realize that we are not the wound–rather, we are the love that has always been there alongside the wound. There are many names for this love: the Self, the Absolute, the One, God, Goddess, the Divine, etc. One’s true identity can only be realized through direct experience. This self-realization is what dissolves suffering and births you into a new consciousness and new experience of life. New doors open, and possibilities come into being that were not available before. You awaken to who you truly are.

If you feel drawn to healing the Mother Wound, it signifies that you are ready to truly step up at the highest level, to delve into the deepest part of yourself and live your mastery.

I am passionate about working with women in healing the Mother Wound because I have walked this path myself. I know the full reality of the grief, the pain and also the incomparable sweetness of knowing your true identity, of belonging to yourself and to Life in a way that words cannot describe.

You are pregnant with your divinity. The Mother Wound is the birth canal for your fully realized Self. 

By healing the Mother Wound, you are healing the larger human wound of separation–separation from life and from others– and are born into the greater reality of unity.

Life beyond the wound is nothing short of magical! 

Healing the Mother Wound cannot be done in isolation and support is essential. That is why I facilitate workshops on this important topic. It is such a joy and honor to serve in this way!

Art credit: Divine Feminine by Jyotie McKie