Why is it that mother-daughter relationships can be so complicated?

It seems like each year we get further and further from relating to one another.

As your daughter starts really forming her own identity, she also seems to become less accessible.

And to make matters even more complicated, a lot of moms and daughters feel shame that their relationship can be tough sometimes.

Whether you had the worst mother-daughter relationship or the typical conflicts, we all have these mother wounds, some just deeper than others. So the question becomes “how do you let go?” How do you heal?

That’s what we’re talking about today.

Our guest Bethany Webster. In 2013 she published an article entitled “Why it’s Crucial for Women to Heal the Mother Wound” based on a body of work she had been developing for 15 years. And overnight, the article went viral. Women around the world shared it on social media, they discussed it with their friends, and it was referenced in new blogs and podcasts.

Before, thought leaders like Adrienne Rich and Christiane Northrup had touched on the concept of a Mother Wound, but no one had yet fleshed out exactly what the Mother Wound is and why it remains a universal experience of women the world over.

So Bethany made it her mission to really understand and define the Mother Wound and why and how it manifests.

We Will Learn

  • What the mother wound is and what keeps it in place
  • How to develop boundaries even if we never enforced them before
  • How to heal by learning how to mother yourself
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