As women, the connection with our mother is typically the foundation of our relationship with ourselves. To form our own sense of self, as a young child we internalize deeply, even into our brain chemistry, so much about who our mother is as a person. A lot of this is unconsciously inherited from one generation to the next including pain which is referred to as the Mother Wound. This wound can become particularly noticeable when you become a mother and are constantly reflecting on your own experience while also mothering. It typically shows up as shame, comparison, guilt, and feeling like you must remain small and not rock the boat to be loved. We first have to understand where these feelings come from before we can begin to heal.


• What the Mother Wound is
• The causes of the Mother Wound
• How to cultivate our inner mother
• The difference between the father wound and the Mother Wound
• Societal and cultural messages that have an impact

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