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Embracing our Sacred Flesh: Coming Home to the Body

We are living in times of disassociation. It’s no wonder why so many women feel shame and self-hate towards their bodies. Every institution in some form advocates flight from the […]

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You are the Source

While traveling recently I noticed something interesting about boarding airplanes. When the first announcement is made of which seats on the plane may be boarded, people anxiously rush to the […]

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Healing the Mother Wound, Birthing the Self

How can we embody the divine feminine if we have not faced the reality of our relationships with our mothers? If we have not faced and healed our Mother Wound? […]

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“La Importancia de la Madre Interna: El Duelo por lo Imperfecto, el Encuentro”

Dear Readers, Below is the Spanish version of my article in Elephant Journal “Grieving the Imperfect, Finding the Unconditional: The Importance of the Inner Mother for Women” which is based on my […]

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Bringing the Dark Mother Into the Light

Our world has yet to fully acknowledge the archetype of the dark mother. As we bring her out into the light of our awareness, we free ourselves to become authentic […]

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Owning our Wounds is an Important Step in Owning our Power

The martyr archetype becomes strong in us through the unconscious belief that suffering is noble and that other women who refuse to suffer in the same way are betraying us. This puts women in […]

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Manifesting the Divine Feminine through our Female Friendships

Our first experience of loss was in relation to our mothers, when we realized we were not one being, but two. I think we all retain an unconscious memory of […]

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The End of Attenuation

Attenuation is the impulse to diminish oneself, to be small, to disappear, and to be invisible. Attenuation seems to be one of the central wounds we incur as females in this […]

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