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Is your “inner critic” the voice of your mother? 
Why the early messages we received from our mothers feel safe, comforting, and familiar, even if they may actually be false, negative, or even...
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The Power of Being Held
I’ve been thinking about the power of being held – how necessary it is for us to feel held securely by our mothers when we are children...
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Mothering Yourself into Mastery: The Sovereign Feminine and Your Inner Wealth
Consistently mothering yourself eventually allows you to release the need to be small or play small in life. When we mother the child within...
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The Power of Owning Your “Bigness”
Throughout history we have been given the message that an acceptable woman is a “small” woman. In response, we’ve been trying to squeeze ourselves...
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Creating the New “Mother Line:” Birthing a World that Values Women
Years ago, I came across an incredible book that was published in 1980 called “Among Women” by Louise Bernikow. It is filled with insightful...
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Coming Home from the Inner War: Crossing the Threshold to the True “Motherland” Within
Self-care can be very challenging for women. So many of us have watched our mothers be depleted and deprived on many levels. Giving to...
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Embracing our Sacred Flesh: Coming Home to the Body
We are living in times of disassociation. It’s no wonder why so many women feel shame and self-hate towards their bodies. Every institution in...
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“La Importancia de la Madre Interna: El Duelo por lo Imperfecto, el Encuentro”
Dear Readers, Below is the Spanish version of my article in Elephant Journal “Grieving the Imperfect, Finding the Unconditional: The Importance of the Inner...
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