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What Is Sovereignty? 13 Elements: Bethany Webster
What Is Sovereignty? 13 Elements

Sovereignty is the healthy expression of freedom, resilience, intuition, and power. Explore the 13 elements of sovereignty and how to become sovereign.

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Guilt, Gratitude and the Emerging from the Mother Wound

Guilt is an obstacle for many women and it can be particularly limiting when it comes to healing the Mother Wound. It’s common for women to begin getting clarity on […]

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Raw, Open and Real: Moving From Traumatic Aloneness to Universal Oneness

As humans, we have two primary needs; the need for attachment and the need for authenticity, according to physician and author, Gabor Maté. In dysfunctional families, a child will typically […]

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Progressing on the Sacred Spiral of Healing: The Importance of Long-term Support

“Why am I STILL healing this issue??!!!” “I thought I was done with this!”   “Why aren’t I healed yet?” “Here it is again! Why can’t I just get over […]

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Claiming our Fullness: Bringing ourselves out of hiding

Understanding the impact of patriarchal paradigms on women is critical to our full empowerment. It’s easy to take for granted or not fully realize how powerfully the patriarchy has affected […]

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You are the Source

While traveling recently I noticed something interesting about boarding airplanes. When the first announcement is made of which seats on the plane may be boarded, people anxiously rush to the […]

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Manifesting the Divine Feminine through our Female Friendships

Our first experience of loss was in relation to our mothers, when we realized we were not one being, but two. I think we all retain an unconscious memory of […]

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The End of Attenuation

Attenuation is the impulse to diminish oneself, to be small, to disappear, and to be invisible. Attenuation seems to be one of the central wounds we incur as females in this […]

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