Work, Money & the Mother Wound: How the Mother Wound Can Manifest in our Careers

A Free Masterclass Series with Bethany Webster
Kicking off October 4th @ 11am EST


As women we want to succeed, lead, provide for our families and make a positive impact, but without sacrificing our wellbeing.


However, our careers are a powerful place in which the Mother Wound can show up in various ways that make work more challenging and difficult than it needs to be. 

Can you relate to any of the following questions?

Have you ever had a toxic boss that reminded you of your mother?
Have you ever felt “trapped” in a job that you didn’t like?
Have you ever been in a work environment that felt like a dysfunctional family?
Do you long for more out of your career but fear how that would impact your relationships?
Do you keep running into the same challenges in your work life?
Do you long for more success and visibility but find yourself staying small because it feels safer? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I invite you to join me for a free masterclass series: 

Work, Money, & the Mother Wound

How the Mother Wound can manifest in our careers and how we can transform it into empowerment, success and abundance


Here’s what you’ll learn in this
Free Masterclass series:


  • How the Mother Wound shows up in our careers and relationship to money
  • How to find the link between the current trigger in your career and what’s coming up from your childhood
  • How to recognize when you’ve “merged” with your inner child at work and what to do about it.
  • The role of grief and how to help the inner child feel safe with career success
  • Why your inner child must eventually trust you MORE than your mother
  • Why triggers at work are major opportunities to heal your Mother Wound
  • Why Healing the Mother Wound is the most important inner work we can do
  • A special discount of $250 off my premium online course “Healing the Mother Wound” until October 13th at Midnight EST. 

When you register, you’ll also receive a robust Workbook packed with tools, exercises, mindsets to support your learning over the masterclass series!

The Workbook contains: 


  • A List of 28 ways the Mother Wound shows up at work and in our careers
  • A List of 12 examples of links between childhood pain and career challenges 
  • A 6-step process on how to handle a Mother Wound trigger at work.
  • A List of 14 General Mindsets on how to stay empowered and centered at work
  • A List of 5 powerful questions to ask yourself at work to help you stay in Adult-Sovereignty rather than inner-child-reactivity.
  • 21 ways that our careers prosper and transform as we heal the Mother Wound 
  • A powerful visualization to help you step into your passion and purpose without guilt, shame or apology. 

What participants said about past webinars…


“This was so supportive during what is typically a very hard time. Thank you so much. This support changes everything. I continue to recommend you to everyone I know.”

“It’s always helpful to hear your mentor’s personal stories as it makes you feel more connected to them. It also helps to then see it as an “if they could make it so can i” situation. Thank you so much for this amazing content and your work! It explains so much.”

“Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this life-changing work for free. You’ve given words to an invisible but crippling block that prevents a lot of women from being their authentic selves.”

“I appreciate your wisdom sharing and the possibility to connect with other like minded souls around the world, especially in these times of massive planetary shift.”