Healing Self-Sabotage: Resolving a Core Symptom of the Mother Wound

A Free Webinar with Bethany Webster
October 12th @ 1pm EST


Questions for you…


  • Are you wondering if you are unconsciously keeping yourself stuck?
  • Do you find yourself shrinking as a form of loyalty to others?
  • Have you ever questioned if you are somehow unconsciously complicit in creating the negative outcomes that you don’t actually want?
  • Do you ever feel some resistance or reluctance to let go and be happy?

These are some of the most powerful questions we can ask ourselves because they hold the key to uncovering unconscious motives leftover from childhood that may work in opposition with our true, authentic needs and desires as adult women.

The fundamental question we faced as children is: 

Can I be my authentic, true self AND Be loved?

In this webinar, we will explore how we are set up to experience a deep unconscious conflict as women as we approach the happiness, the fulfillment of our desires, and the inner peace we long for.


What You Will Learn In This Webinar


  • The 4 key mindsets that are necessary to shifting self-sabotage. 
  • Why the Inner Child is the gatekeeper to any significant changes in your life, and how she implements self-sabotage to stay safe.
  • Why the developmental step of differentiation from our mothers as young women is necessary but discouraged in patriarchal cultures, and why codependency is encouraged instead.
  • How to identify “unspoken contracts” with your mother that keep you unconsciously invested in staying stuck, confused and dissatisfied.
  • The 3 C’s of Inner Mothering that helps the inner child heal from the past.
  • What the inner child needs to release self-sabotage for good.
  • I will also share a bit about my best-selling online course Healing the Mother Wound.

What participants said about past webinars…


“This was so supportive during what is typically a very hard time. Thank you so much. This support changes everything. I continue to recommend you to everyone I know.”

“It’s always helpful to hear your mentor’s personal stories as it makes you feel more connected to them. It also helps to then see it as an “if they could make it so can i” situation. Thank you so much for this amazing content and your work! It explains so much.”

“Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this life-changing work for free. You’ve given words to an invisible but crippling block that prevents a lot of women from being their authentic selves.”

“I appreciate your wisdom sharing and the possibility to connect with other like minded souls around the world, especially in these times of massive planetary shift.”