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Making Peace with Our Power and Releasing the “Pleaser”

Many women express this fear: “I’m afraid that if become successful, I’ll be all alone.” I’ve spoken with women from numerous countries around the world who have expressed this verbatim. And […]

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The Importance of Enduring Discomfort for the Sake of Transformation

Our “No” moments can define who we are, what we value and what we envision. One of the most profound things a woman can do is to learn to say […]

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Raw, Open and Real: Moving From Traumatic Aloneness to Universal Oneness

As humans, we have two primary needs; the need for attachment and the need for authenticity, according to physician and author, Gabor Maté. In dysfunctional families, a child will typically […]

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Navigating “No-Contact”: When Estrangement from Your Mother is the Healthiest Choice

The decision to go no-contact with a family member is a deeply personal one. For some of us, healing the Mother Wound is possible while staying connected to your mother. […]

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The Power of Owning Your “Bigness”

Throughout history we have been given the message that an acceptable woman is a “small” woman. In response, we’ve been trying to squeeze ourselves into a smaller and smaller forms […]

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Happy “Inner Mother’s” Day: Acknowledging the Myth and Embracing Your Truth

We live in a culture that either idealizes mothers or undermines them. Through this distorted cultural lens that there’s not much space for mothers to be real human beings, with […]

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Progressing on the Sacred Spiral of Healing: The Importance of Long-term Support

“Why am I STILL healing this issue??!!!” “I thought I was done with this!”   “Why aren’t I healed yet?” “Here it is again! Why can’t I just get over […]

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Creating the New “Mother Line:” Birthing a World that Values Women

Years ago, I came across an incredible book that was published in 1980 called “Among Women” by Louise Bernikow. It is filled with insightful and inspiring essays about women, exploring […]

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