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Understanding Self-Sabotage and The Mother Wound: Bethany Webster
Understanding Self-Sabotage and The Mother Wound

Do you ever self-sabotage when you find success or happiness? Understanding self-sabotage depends on recognizing its connection to the Mother Wound.

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Embrace Accountability For Meaningful Change: Bethany Webster
Embrace Accountability For Meaningful Change

Accountability is a big word. Maybe a scary word. Yet, accountability for the behavior of others and yourself is needed for meaningful change and transformation, personally and societally. Accountability starts […]

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Self-Honesty is True Safety

Many of us feel fearful that if we become the powerful women we’re meant to be, then we will be seen as a threat to those around us. We may […]

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Your Body is A Portal to Truth. Enter and Be Transformed

I’ve spoken to some folks who glance at the 7-step process of healing the Mother Wound and say, “I already know all this”, or “I’ve done these steps already”, yet […]

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Transformation Is Hard: Learn to Endure Discomfort: Bethany Webster
Transformation Is Hard: Learn to Endure Discomfort

Healing the Mother Wound means realizing it’s okay to not be liked. While transformation is hard, here’s why it is essential for women to endure discomfort.

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Do You Shame Yourself to Feel Mothered: Bethany Webster
Do You Shame Yourself to Feel Mothered?

The Mother Wound leads to patterns of shame and self-sabotage in adult women. If you shame yourself, here’s how to own your pain and love yourself.

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Releasing the Need to Struggle

One of my biggest turning points came in the form of exhaustion. I found myself repeatedly exhausted, not the everyday exhaustion that comes from being busy or frazzled. It was […]

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Don’t Rush Into Premature Forgiveness: Bethany Webster
Don’t Rush Into Premature Forgiveness

Premature forgiveness downplays pain and stifles anger to keep the peace. Instead, explore the value and sensation of authentic forgiveness.

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