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Is your “inner critic” the voice of your mother? 

Why the early messages we received from our mothers feel safe, comforting, and familiar, even if they may actually be false, negative, or even cruel.   The topic of how […]

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The Power of Being Held

I’ve been thinking about the power of being held – how necessary it is for us to feel held securely by our mothers when we are children in order to develop and grow […]

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Why Are Some Mothers Abusive To Daughters?

Why are mothers abusive to daughters? Explore how your mom’s inner child, trauma, and deprivation consciousness lead to a toxic relationship.

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Inner Child Healing Exercises: Validate and Differentiate: Bethany Webster
Inner Child Healing Exercises: Validate and Differentiate

Inner child narratives distort our perception of current situations. Here are inner child healing exercises to build resilience in adulthood.

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Healing the Inner Child: Untangle Your Child Narrative: Bethany Webster
Healing the Inner Child: Untangle Your Child Narrative

Unhealthy narratives you learned as a child keep you stuck and scared. Healing the inner child requires recognizing these narratives and creating new ones.

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Loving the Magical Child Within

“Caring for your inner child has a powerful and surprisingly quick result: Do it and the child heals.” ~Martha Beck There is something so pristine at our core… The child […]

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The Unlived Life of the Mother: The More the Inner Child Heals the More Confident the Woman Becomes

To become truly empowered, a woman must make the radical shift from identification with her mother to identification with her own true self.  There is a lie of staggering proportions […]

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Healing Trauma: What it Really Takes to Liberate your Brilliance

As children we were wide open and vulnerable, without boundaries and depending completely on adults for survival. It’s inevitable that as children we experienced some degree of trauma. This is […]

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