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True Inter-generational Healing Includes Confronting Racism

This is a hard pill to swallow for white women… Historically, white women have played a key role in sustaining white supremacy. For generations of white women, “whiteness” has been […]

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Getting to the Root: Processing Past Pain is Necessary to Create a New World

  In the past several weeks, the Coronavirus has caused an unprecedented disruption in modern society, with hundreds of thousands infected, many thousands of fatalities and the global economy in […]

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The Illusion of Benevolent Patriarchy and The Good Girl: Bethany Webster
The Illusion of Benevolent Patriarchy and The Good Girl

Have you mistaken love for self-betrayal? Read about the role of the “good girl” in dysfunctional systems and the illusion of benevolent patriarchy.

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Re-defining “Honor Thy Mother and Father” in the new paradigm

“Honor thy mother and father,” says the commandment Young children are biologically predisposed to revere and honor their parents in order to survive. Yet, when children become adults and are […]

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The Importance of Resisting the Cultural Pressure to Ignore the Mother Wound

I posted a blog article that went viral called, “Why It’s Crucial for Women to Heal the Mother Wound.” One of the themes in the feedback I received is that some women […]

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“Inner Safety” and Innovative Female Leadership: Midwifing a Post-Patriarchal World

We’re living in a transformational time in history. Patriarchal systems in our world are crumbling and more dysfunctional than ever.  World changes are pointing to the fact that we must […]

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The Power of Disruptive Truth-telling: The Importance of Initiating Difficult Conversations

At this time in history, women are increasingly feeling the call to step forward to tell the truth and disrupt dysfunctional patterns wherever we see them. This “disruptive truth-telling” is […]

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Emerging from Patriarchy: Some Relationships Won’t Survive the Real You

As women living through this transformational time, we’re seeing patriarchal institutions crumble all around us — in governments, media, communities, and organizations. The devastating scope of patriarchal dysfunction is on […]

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