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Why Having Boundaries Doesn’t Make You a Bitch: Bethany Webster
Why Having Boundaries Doesn’t Make You a Bitch

Having boundaries typecasts women as bitches or narcissists in this patriarchal world of male fragility. Learn why boundaries and sovereignty are necessary.

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The necessity of honoring your “Window of Tolerance” without guilt

We stand now during a pandemic poised to make radical changes in how we see ourselves and the world. With our lives indefinitely in flux, we are seeing how mothers […]

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Making Peace with Our Power and Releasing the “Pleaser”

Many women express this fear: “I’m afraid that if become successful, I’ll be all alone.” I’ve spoken with women from numerous countries around the world who have expressed this verbatim. And […]

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Going No Contact: When Estrangement Is the Healthy Choice: Bethany Webster
Going No Contact: When Estrangement Is a Healthy Choice

Are you considering going no contact with your mother? Explore what leads to estrangement and what happens in the aftermath, from freedom to self-trust.

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Emotional Caretaker: Release This Role to Reclaim Your Life: Bethany Webster
Emotional Caretaker: Release This Role to Reclaim Your Life

Are you an emotional dumping ground for people in your life? Learn how to reclaim your life and release the role of emotional caretaker.

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Self-Care is Not “Selfish”

As women, the need for self-care can trigger feelings of guilt. We’ve been conditioned to automatically think that we are neglecting others when we take time and energy to care […]

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Women and Emotional Labor: Putting Down the Weight

I’m increasingly convinced that the world will be healed by women’s ability to feel the full scope of OUR OWN feelings.  The paradox is that feeling the truth of our own feelings […]

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Setting Boundaries is Essential to your Empowerment

There is so much to say about boundaries and how foundational they are for our sense of self. In this post, I’ll focus mainly on the relationship between our self-worth […]

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