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Inner Child Healing Exercises: Validate and Differentiate: Bethany Webster
Inner Child Healing Exercises: Validate and Differentiate

Inner child narratives distort our perception of current situations. Here are inner child healing exercises to build resilience in adulthood.

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Healing the Inner Child: Untangle Your Child Narrative: Bethany Webster
Healing the Inner Child: Untangle Your Child Narrative

Unhealthy narratives you learned as a child keep you stuck and scared. Healing the inner child requires recognizing these narratives and creating new ones.

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What Is Sovereignty? 13 Elements: Bethany Webster
What Is Sovereignty? 13 Elements

Sovereignty is the healthy expression of freedom, resilience, intuition, and power. Explore the 13 elements of sovereignty and how to become sovereign.

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Why Having Boundaries Doesn’t Make You a Bitch

Having boundaries typecasts women as bitches or narcissists in this patriarchal world of male fragility. Learn why boundaries and sovereignty are necessary.

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The necessity of honoring your “Window of Tolerance” without guilt

We stand now during a pandemic poised to make radical changes in how we see ourselves and the world. With our lives indefinitely in flux, we are seeing how mothers […]

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True Inter-generational Healing Includes Confronting Racism

This is a hard pill to swallow for white women… Historically, white women have played a key role in sustaining white supremacy. For generations of white women, “whiteness” has been […]

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Getting to the Root: Processing Past Pain is Necessary to Create a New World

  In the past several weeks, the Coronavirus has caused an unprecedented disruption in modern society, with hundreds of thousands infected, many thousands of fatalities and the global economy in […]

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Understanding Self-Sabotage and The Mother Wound: Bethany Webster
Understanding Self-Sabotage and The Mother Wound

Do you ever self-sabotage when you find success or happiness? Understanding self-sabotage depends on recognizing its connection to the Mother Wound.

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